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I have, since writing everything in that graphpaper note book (see… - nil.enroll(aetheric_username, quantum_class_id) — LiveJournal
yljatlhQo'! QIch lo'laltbebej!

I have, since writing everything in that graphpaper note book (see first post) beem fiddling with the idea of declaring everythign I write to be a linear file sytem. Auto-biographical ramblings, to-do lists, scribbled notes, phone numbers, plans for world domination, plans for dinner, and random doodles would all go in the same way, and be demarcated (perhaps after the fact) copied pasted and redacted as needed. Later versions of any given document would show up later in the stream.

I keep thinking I should implement it in XML. I suppose I should start a DTD, which is just a list of all the different things I want to put in there...

  • todo lists (included types for list, list item, depends..)
  • appointments (include day date time text strings event, location, who, reference to memo or todo)
  • autobiographical prose (datestamped)
  • phone messages (may just be appointments :)
  • doodles (PNG, I guess :)
  • memos (optional title stringbuffer body)
  • correspondance (datestamp, addressee, redacted)
  • articles (slug header lead body footer datestamp)
  • invoices (who, list of [what, quant, price, total], )
  • txs from chats, IMs: (html text)

External systems would pull data out and add add data onto the stream from PIM apps, PDA, web servers and such. It would be archived in 24 hour chunks, written to files named by the date.

Huh. I've been thinking about that for at least half a year (closer to a year?) and just scribbling (sic) it out made a bunch more of it come out that I'd thought about before.

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adric From: adric Date: March 16th, 2001 06:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Linear data stream

Huh. Well, although the idea of XML is nifty-keen, everytime I start looking at the implementation, I get scared off and go read something else. The only XML-ing code I could even begin to get a handle on is the stuff in Python 2.0, and I still get lost in acronym stew.
(What the fsck is DOM, really? I read half the paper pn it at w3c and still can't say..)..

So, maybe XML or XMHTML with embedded python for data structures ... like eperl but parsable :)

Also, I found the link for LifeStreams (had to dredge up the name). It's one of the most original and interesting of the research proposals for what to replace WIMP with. It merely presents the user with a searchable list of all the documents they have created or edited in linear chonological order. In finding the link, I found their list of projects that are using their tech, and about to go chase those links..

Have some of this:

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