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Thank you all for your input. I ordered D, and they sould be in before next year. The posts soliciting help picking out calling cards are locked FO, since they have my mobile number in them (not that it's a secret, but ..)Fixed.

Everyone who has "friended" me, has had that returned, except commx,
and people on *gasp* other weblogs sites.

I've been trying to drag a new server into useful existence, and was starting to see signs of progress when patch cables started dying in the NOC. So, that's on hold, as is my email, until we get things working there again.

I've been doing some of the LJ volunteer work, but haven't been keeping up the pace that I set for myself, or really any pace at all. Despite this, the response has been positive (from team members at least). I need to do some of that tomorrow to make this week look vaguely productive.

I got an urge to watch the Taarna sequence just after breakfast today, and so ended up watching Heavy Metal (1981) while the laundry spun and rolled. It's inspirational material, in a strange way.

I got my Uplink Bonus Disk in the snail today. Uplink is a independantly published computer game with a dedicated following, and the Bonus Disk includes material about the development of the game, the company that published it, and their ideas about the online version of the game. I still haven't gotten into, and now have book 2 and 3 to puzzle at. (Hints appeciated, solutions not welcome.)

Oh, and politics... I propose that in the history texts of the next century (assuming there are some), the bill signed yesterday creating the Dept of Homeland Security will be labled a signpost, denoting the beginning of the end of our system of government (The end of the beginning is argueably, the War Between the States, or by some accounts FDR's third term.) The Great Experiment has failed. Despite the best efforts of the Framers, they were unable to create a government which could survive a populace with no interest in self-government, and their fail-safe of an educated elite has found other pasttimes, such as litigation and bureaucracy.

When asked about the consequences of TIA and HomeSec, a Federal official was heard to protest that the people are clamouring for the government to do something about terrorism. I suggest that he is correct, but not in so far as what is being clamoured for: imperialism, bigger government, and a police state. Instead, as I have heard, the people demand:

  • A reduced dependance on foreign oil

  • development of new power technologies

  • Stop making deals with third-world tin-pot dictators

  • decreased meddling in the affairs of other nations

  • oh and they want health care, too

Bah. When does the next train for Mars leave?

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