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Regularly scheduled monday bitching under the cut

Happy Armistice Day to all veterans, anti-war demonstrators, and to our
good buddies in the Ministry of Peace, Truth, and Justice.

So, apparently I am old now. I can not only no longer do the stupid
things I could easily do in my teens, but now I can't even really do the
things I did in my early twenties.

I fell like crap all the time. I can't generate enough concentration to do
anything more strenuous than watching cartoons more than three hours
each wake cycle and there is barely any discernable pattern to when those
will be. I am immuno-depressed. I have no energy reserves or willpower to fight off all the little things, and am utterly defenseless to medium and more potent things. And it's been this way for more than a week now.

I guess this must be why people use drugs.

It's a good thing I am at ~75% of my prospective lifespan, but this crap
is making me want an even more aggressive timetable.

Oh, and I am still blocked up hard on nanowrimo. I have so many questions about my character I can't answer, and then there's the other characters I don't have yet. i can not tell if I need input (Johnny-5) or interaction, but my feeble attempts to generate either at the "party" at work yesterday were unsuccessful.

There's a special kind of awkwardness to a large (100+ ) social gathering of people who a) don't gather socially in public, b) gather publically often but not with those a) people and c) are all only there to get their paychecks and t-shirts.

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