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Progress? None here

Well, the show (aka the House) is over (for me and scyllacat, sophocles and a few others have one more night).

The realization of the scope of this story and the amount of it there is, coupled with the understanding of how little of it I have yet, is discouraging.

I am not ready to write this story yet, and don't think I'll be much readier by December.

In other news, I am reading pulp shadowrunning novels, whch are fun, and could serve as inspiriation for the easier (I could write this week and start faking up the code and logs) bits of said story.

le sigh

John Sandford is the pseudonym, John Camp is the author, and I have read The Fool's Run, 1989 (never ever trust a Johnson about anything) and am reading The Devil's Code, 2000 (likely the same theme, ostensibly about Clipper 2). Please note the word shadowrun is not in the books, and the author might not know the term, nonetheless, that is what these book are about. In Fools' Run a cat burglar, an artistic hacker, and a journalist turned pr flack wage war on a major corp through espionage, b&e, cracking, and all sorts of other dirty tricks. It's running in the shadows, chum.

In Devil's Code, the artist is recruited by the sister of on old hacker comrade in arms, who is both dead and framed for murder and theft. He was contracting for the company not-so-secretly working on Clipper 2, getting paid to tweak the OS on a couple old Crays so they'll "keep talking to each other" In other words, Devil's Code starts off with either a botched run, or an impressive disinfo op...

Oh, and our ever helpful server at Denny's had some more job leads, and even told us about someone who needs a roommate. He's great, he is..

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