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Updates, Flotsom

It's 6:00 and I'm still not asleep.

"A local technical college" never got back to me, or returned my email. I will have to try and catch up to them after the House closes. ( )

Plan A is currently on permanent hold, as logistical concerns outside my power have made implementation of bits one and two functionally impossible for the time being, renderering the rest of the plan rather, well, lame.

News Bulletin: I have issues.
News Update: I have issues with married chicks.
Everyone should ask sophocles about this, as he is getting lots of practice explaining it to them. Is it so impolite to opt to spend time with the non-married, non-engaged possibly lesbian woman rather than the married or marrying in Dec women, cute, lonely, and friendly as they may be? Nevermind, read the news bulletin and update again for clarity.

More candidates for the 4th District House seat keep coming out of the woodwork, as it were. I profess weakly the hope than Ms. Majette is not as dumb as her handlers made her out to be, in the hopes that I won't have to run, too.

COTB update: Further exposures: minor Wed, major this evening have led to a mild reoccurance of all listed symptoms. I have contacted the subject to see if she can help to eliminate some of this. This may be why I am awake (still).

Phil is not dead. He emailed me. If this line makes much sense to you, you should get a copy of the email soon, as I failed to bcc it.

Oh, reading update: 2 June 2002

Potential Thesis Topic:

On the Metaphysics and Belief Structures of Certain Recently Developed Religions with Particular Respect to the Memetic Payload Design Thereof
I still need a better academic euphemism for left-hand-path religions. I plan to hit Satanism, Setians, Discordians for sure, and I may have to discuss the thrice-cursed Scientologists. Input welcome, and please help with the google-baiting by linking that $ word to Later: I may be able to include some Wiccans in this. Skepdic thinks they fit under pan theist, and reminds the reader of the true purpose of "white magic" rituals (No, not sex: self-actualization, self-deception, self-control .. Ok and naked-in-the-woods fireside sex, too) ...

Oh, and if anyone knows anyone in London, England, UK or there abouts, have them drop me a line? They can easily help me out with a slight (snail forwarding) problem I am having over that way...

I am seriously considering setting up a MOO on the domain. Once beta-complete it would have a tribute room for the ABBS and it's users. Otherwise it would serve as, well, a discussion and chat board that is mostly family friendly, and not on Prodigy ;)

I fully intend to rant more about weblog code and releated meta-code issues, after I have tried out MT, geeklog and some others.

MOO Code: Oh, whenever I set a continue message on the duck, wound it and let it go, it forked fine, but the emits came out as { List }, not "Quack." or something. Seems like a mistyping, but I dunno where ... A Duck Tutorial by yduJ (link fixed)

I finished (mostly) filling out a personal on a website. Some people know where to look. I might tell you if you ask nicely..

This is my new desktop wallpaper. Check her LJ for more very cool photographic art: diversify

The DC sniper and the hostage takers in Moscow have both become "radical Muslim terrorists" by this mornings news.

Humor: 102 Ways to Destroy a Computer Check out "Blame It on Microsoft"

Still here? Have some pentagram links, quite interesting:
Summary, the orientation is symbolic only in certain cults (ie LeVay) and good/evil differentiation did not occur before the 19 C. The symbol only [re]gained popularity as an amulet in th 1960s CE, as part of Gardner's influence in neo-paganism.


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