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Morning weirdness, extra-dimensional luggage

<adric> Now that was just odd.
<adric> My mom just handed me a piece of sampsonite luggage (sime kind of premium) ..
<adric> It's in a poly bag and it is about the size of a thick notebook, all in nifty black
with buckles and zippers everywhere ..
<another> gosh.
<adric> So I open the polybag (Yeah should have bought two :) and start unzipping this
zipper that looks like it's on the bottom of what has poofed out
<adric> A little .. So now it's a shoulder bag. That's cool, but a little odd from my mom,
who is historically opposed to me carrying a bag everywhere I go ..
<adric> So I oopen the zipper on the bottom of this little shoulder bag (rectnagular) ,a nd
it keeps unzipping ..
<adric> It unzips all the way 'round, save 4 " or so. And then it folds open.
<adric> I unfold the insides and poof it out, and now ..
<adric> There's a medium sized suitcase sitting at me feet.
<someone> the expanding bag?
<another> Gosh!
<adric> Somebody call Hoberman, I think they're on one of his patents ;)
<someone> I gots one, comes in handy on vacations, bringing back more crap than ya left with
<adric> Did I say medium?
<adric> Yeah..
<adric> It's about 1 foot thick, two feet long, and a bout a foot tall.
<another> cool!
<adric> Yeah, it's cool, but it's damn/me is trying to compact it again.
<adric> damn weird, it is ..
<another> That's always the problem :)
<adric> It's folded and zipped..
<adric> It was like nonstandard origami, and the strap was tricky.
<adric> The kooky thing is most of the small pockets are under this flap that buckles down,
and that panel is the front of the small bag.
<adric> If I pulled the strap out, I could clip it on and sling the thing as a shoulder bag.
* adric plans raids on all-you-can-eat buffets all over the east coast.

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