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So, "No Pants Night" at the House wasn't nearly as much fun as advertised.

Only two males and two females participated, and the group working tonight was pretty lackluster. The crowd was slow, and mostly made up of grownups, who actually scared pretty good.

Mel did out-do all of us: A leather mini with a skull and crossbones in studs across the front, tights with little s'nc, a t-shirt with a sequined s,n,b, and a leather belt which prclaimed on the back "I'm evil."

I will say that what I wore was the most comfortable outfit I have worked the house in, being much more flexible than the BDU pants, and breathing much better.

I got to bed late this morning, am getting ever closer to being sick, and am behind on my reading, due in no small part to a few hours apent fiddling with Lamba, JHCore and a tutorial on the construction of wind-up toys. The guilty paarties know who they are.

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