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Screaming (little-girl-like) and ...

Summary: likelihood of mid november, north

So, here are the details:

As I was laying in bed dozing fitfully after this morning, I got to listen to a large portion of half of a heated (phone) disagreement between the rents, about me. That was not fun. Really. For the standpoint of a pessimistic paranoid, it was not fun having things suspected or ranted about encouraged, where not outright confirmed by hearsay.

Detail. I promised details.

All throughout the last few years, since I moved back in with them, the deal has been about the same. I am welcome to stay here as long as I am working full time, going to school full time, or some combination thereof. What this worked out to was that as long as I kept making progress in school (and worked some) they would pay for school and books, and I could stay.

Well, three things happened this summer that changed this: (in order) graduating, birthday, travel. In particular, now that I am a [junior!!] college graduate they expect I will be able to get a job, when I couldn't before (more later) and they shelled out a whole heap of money to send me on my trip and make sure I had what I needed to enjoy it. Imagine if it cost them approximately the same amount of money they had spent on my college in the previous five years or so, but all at once in about 4 months. So, the (financial) burden of my existence weighs heavily upon them now. Oh, and I'm 25 yo.

I knew all of that this spring, and more over I strongly suspected that I'd be leaving shortly after I got back in country. I knew that when I left. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay gone (or at least not in Europe), and the looked for profound life changing event(s) failed to appear (Ithink I travelled with the wrong group for that). (Also, I manged my (their) funds poorly on the trip, preserving nothing for after).

In May I figured that I would feel things out when I got back and see just how soon I'd have to go (as I hardly expect it to be fun and exciting, and I am skilled at procrastination). Dates ranged from Sept through about April (spring, basically), but the mean was the first of the year. A new year, a new place, or places or something ... sounds good right? Stay home through the holidays and set out in the middle of winter. Um...

Considerations include seasonal work here (starts tonight, runs through earliest November), and a friend who needs to finish school, move, and start new job (well, at least two of those), and who I had understood was finishing up in Sept. She's now finishing up in December, apparently. Also, I have one running class, and some small prospect for a few more (two one place, two another).

So, at least, if things don't get much worse here, I will finish out the season, and my current class, and send all of that money off to bills/creditors (whee).

Now for the part you were waiting for: Free Stuff!

Almost all of my stuff is up for grabs, since I can't carry much. Make an appointment to come by, or contact me for details. Some of it already as a destination in mind, but I'm broke, so flash some cash and we'll see. ;)

and then the jukebox queues up "Manic Depression", Hendrix

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