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Considering my options

Disclaimer: I cannot afford therapy right now, and for
various reasons have little access to usable clergy.
Read on if you like.

  1. psychoactive/psychotropic drugs (I should look those words up, huh?)

  2. going walkabout

  3. enlisting

  4. showing up on friends doorstep (may require #2, or sec:ref:walkabout in the Lyx version <g> )

  5. ... uh, wasn't there another option?

  6. stay here

Well, I managed to find the packet of paperwork, and am considering digging in. Later on..
I made the first cut through the paperwork, but it's pretty tough stuff. Um, not like diff eqs, more like trying to sort in order all of the places I've lived in the last seven (7) years, and then coming up with a contact name and address for each (!?). Oh, and then they want all the work I've had in the last seven years, no gaps, and contacts for each. That is a bit tricky to say the least. And having to recount why I was fired is always fun. OTOH, I just flew through the drug questions.

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