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Went to mall, updated deck ware

We went to the Jaguar show at the store here in Atlanta.
The turnout was impressive: most estimates were around 600
attendees. I bought Jaguar (on credit :( ) and got my mousepad
and t-shirt. Guess I didn't win the Mac ;)

The store's Airport was up, but quite slow. Of course there were probably at least 50 people using it then ;)

We started the install in the van on the way to late night Chinese food place and watched it finish as we leisurely consumed poo-poo platter and the General's chicken.

Jaguar does actually seem to be a touch faster than Puma. In
particular Finder is more responsive and Terminal appears much faster (This is probably the new GL acceleration.)

There's a lot of other nifty new stuff (look around the net some for pointers) but a few things seem absent (or really hard to find): Java and the the new net stack.

They appear not to have shipped J2Se 1.4.x with 10.2 as suggested by the hype, and some java apps seem confused about where Java even is (I think it's been relocated from /Library/Frameworks to /Library/Java/Home ). And I have yet to see any hint of IPv6 or IPsec (or even pptp, actually).
They are probably here, but the newer, prettier, flashier but still mostly useless Help Center doesn't know. (Note: Ifconfig
lists ip6 addresses, but that's all I found.)

Oh, and spring-loaded folders are back (mostly). It only works when you drag a file onto a folder. You don't seem able to just drill down into MacHD like in System 8 (et al).

No more Happy Mac icon. It boots faster and shuts down slower.

Oh, and I haven't been able to mount a CD since. ?!
(Update:A helpful AppleCare shaman instructed me thus:

Turn thy Mac 'round five time widdershins,
Invoke the P-Ram thrice,
Give Homage to the P-M-U
and all will be well

And all was well again.

based on my post to forum

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