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South America is looking good

And not only because of the Peruvian government, although quite inspiring:

Several other of the South American countries are looking for good governments and willing to bargain. Alternatively they will shortly be reverting to pseudo-communist and faschist states of last century, and we all know faschism is good for business. Well, some businesses anyway.

That's right folks, while we were distracted by the copyright cartel's trample-run through the Bill of Rights --

Interlude. For an update on said cartel, and the late lamented U.S. Constitution, read Lawrence Lessig's keynote from OSCON. Starts here.
Try not to gawk as he skirts a breakdown begging geeks to get involved in politics. Ignore the part entirely where he tries to cajole the audience to action of any kind. Please try not to notice as he presents the DRM crippled ebook of his latest work... and don't note the bits where he announces that he is giving up the fight.

Did you miss hearing about H. Rosen / RIAA
that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Incompetence for those offshore) task resources to combat music swapping online. It's as if they haven't heard of the War ... What war you ask? Pick one: The War On [Some] Drugs, The War on Terror, ... oops I've gone and forgotten one ... starts with an "S", or was it an "I" ... After watching MASH tonight I was again reminded how stupid it is to start a war.

So, while we were distracted, good ol' Microsoft has apparently bent even the mighty NSA (No Such Agency to readers outside the contiguous 48) to it's will. (!) Or maybe it wasn't Mr. Bill but some other concerned commercial software firm. Is there another commercial software company in the house? If you'd be threatened by the possibility of secure software, please raise a paw ...

Wiederhollen sie, kinde: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuehrer!
[Repeat, children: One people, one empire, one leader!]

Oh, well. Can you drive to Peru yet, or do we have to helicopter from Nicaragua to Venezuela still?

Mi espanol es muy malo. Pobre mi. [My Spanish is really bad. Poor me.]

On the good side: PGP, Inc. is reborn and the Russians are prosecuting FBI agents for cracking Russian [skiddiots'] machines.

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