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Arrival, 23:50

  • baffled by the Metro ticket kiosk and these green

  • a Francophone helped me buy two green slips of
    paper for 20 EUR, one got me into Metro, and pointed me to correct
    train for Chatelet

  • more field repairs on watch in Metro

  • right outside Metro, once I found my way out,

  • Cyberc@fe Paris (

  • AccessX ?? 5 hours (less 10), 2-7, (down the street
    from listed 24hour
    c-cafe sign: closed 000-07:30)

    • custom gui menu shell on top of Win2K, nice
      flatscreen boxen

    • first few missions of Warcraft III (in
      French), gorgeous, amazing, seems a worthy sequel to one of the
      best video games ever

    • first few steps of RTCW (in French),
      cool, but hung the box

    • first few steps of Max Payne (in French),
      kept getting shot

    Walking Tour of Paris

    • Chatelet

    • Notre Dame (Crypt A-- wouldn't open until 10
      ;( )

    • Palais Royal??

    • Louvre

    • Egyptian Obelisk, environs

    • breakfast at Cafe Recrument:

      • a real continental breakfast

      • French menu w/ english subtitles

      • crossaint (sp!), jam, buttered bread, cafe,
        juice: 6.60 EUR

      • check price at St. Dominique 85 EUR +

      • Tour Eiffel

      • check price at Hilton (300-230 EUR!!)

      • back to R. St Dominique

      • room, breakfast : 100 EUR

      • lunch Cafe A---: cheese topped ham pizza,

      • wander about, including grocery store

      • check in at 14, head upstairs

      • fail to lance blister :(

      • crash out to music videos: 14:00 -- nap -- 20:30

      • breakfast is until 10, ask for wake up call at

      • look in luggage shop: very nice versatile rolling
        bag/pack for 55 EUR

      • Arc d'Triumph

      • head south

      • le Tour (sunrise, moon, lit up)

      • frozen yogurt (?) cone: 3.50 EUR (ow)

      • linger under tower, eat melting cone

      • ~ 22:00: pint, chips, peanuts at Irish Pub


      • Silk Stalkings, dubbed in French

      • followed by Flipper (1990s version), ibid

      • FX: the Series, dubbed French

      • EuroSport: ,cycling

      • mostly English music videos

      • MTV: Madonna (subbed), Lounge (yowza!)


      • the center (map 2 in my book) is quite small: I
        crossed it on foot in just a couple hours

      • no trouble with French or their English (save
        metro tickets)

      • seem to be better understood here than Britain

      • peole here seem to speak American English, rather
        than British (HRH's) but many guessed or assumed I was from England

      • all prices in UK and France include applicable
        taxes, much better system than U.S.

      • lots of Brits, Yanks, and a few Germans, Russians,
        et al in Paris

      • more regular exposure to alien languages seems to
        be helping my language skills, or dredging up memories: I am remembering
        lots of Spanish and German, and I am getting the sound of French (if
        still lost on the structure, pronounciation, etc) better through
        exposure to it

      • (hasty) One does not need to know any French to
        get by in and enjoy the center of Paris, but if you don't speak
        English or French it will be tricky


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