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It's vidicon's fault, and worse still I may be unconciously adopting some of his material. Fear not, for any resulting intellectual property disputes will be settled by cattle prod (and I haven't got one :)

I've gotten back into the habit of reading quite a lot (meaningless expression) and writing a fair bit in the last year or so. This was considered a good thing at the time, since those were two things I hadn't done much since high school. The reading is pleasurable and has other benefits such as new ideas and acquiring skills and knowledge, and the writing is theraputic (sp?).

Even more recently, after filling most of a graphpaper pad with scribbled journal entries which began with my mourning the passing of my Palmpilot (and in fact an illustration of the wounded PDA, still bravely carrying on until it just couldn't boot is one of the first things in that mess), I have found myself going out in public and meeting people, which may not seem odd to you but does to me.

(The journal entries in question need to be published, along with other autobiographical musings that have survived the computing technologies of the last ten years, but I have yet to inflict my handwriting on any OCR software, not having any hope at all for useful results.. )

So, I will be ranting into this site, instead of scribbling on dead trees or a PDA. I do have another PDA, a very nifty one from Agenda Computing, but it's not quite ready for heavy duty reading and scribbling. In a few months it will be quite cool indeed, but is now only the realm of hackers and hangers on (and I am in the second catagory).

So I stumbled across a nearly fully functioning copy of one of Microsoft's biggest blunders since Windows itself, MS Bob for Home 1.0. It fairly failed to suck, which is quite a surprising thing for one to say about any MS product, much less one so roundly panned that it ranks with the first generation PDA handwriting recognition system from Apple and Ford's Edsel as being laughed at be people who don't even know the difference between a CDROM and a coffee cup holder. Don't be too scared, as MS did screw up a good idea pretty badly. It's actually a little fun to play with and I'm not as convinced that a UI based on some of it's design principles would be such a bad thing. After all, many good people have broken their brains trying to come up with a good 3 or 4 dimensional interface to replace the crappy two and a half dimenional ones we all suffer with now (WIMP). The result is that I am dedicated a portion of my mental capacity to figuring out how to do Bob right, and I think his name is Fred.

Update:I found an old CD with vbrun300.dll on it. Bob may yet impress me..

The kitten taunted me by suggesting she might like to crawl into my lap. Having got my attention, and the resultant pause in the flow of words, she wandered off to molest something in the next room.I better go see what she's getting into..


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