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Gielgud Questions

  1. Which theatrical clan was Sir John Gielgud a descendant of?

    1. Perry

    2. Tierney

    3. Terry

    4. Irving

  2. What aspect of performance is Sir John Gielgud most famous for?

    1. Physical Presence

    2. Technical Execution

    3. Surprising Make-up

    4. Captivating Voice

  3. Which Russian playwright's work is Sir John Gielgud credited with bringing to London?

    1. Kafka

    2. Putin

    3. Chekov

    4. Stalin

  4. What design team did Sir John Gielgud work with throughtout his career?

    1. Monty Python

    2. Motley Trio

    3. Craig and Son

    4. West End


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