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Happy rainy monday everyone

IP Law question:

Is putting something (ie a quote) in the fortune file fair use? Is using a quote as a sig line? How about if that quote is put on a bumpersticker and sold?

I'm drinking britta water. That way well mean it's time to break out the milk rations. Argh.

Time Mag has a stupid cover this week. I tore it off and made confetti, but stopped myself shortly before throwing it in the air, and dropped it in the trash. The cats looked mildly disappointed, but they're just bummed out by the weather. It's raining pretty hard, so no outside frollicking, and now the thunder has started. Cats really dislike thunder, and they blame us for it. I vowed a few years back that if I ever had to subscribe to Time again I would require them to rip the cover off before mailing it to me. It's only Monday, so I have a couple days to catch up on last week's Economist before this week's issue winds it way here.</p>

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