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Surfing the Freenet

Woo hoo! I'm surfing the freenet in Mozilla.

Okay, well, if you knew what the fsck I was babbling about, you'd think it was pretty cool, I promise :)

Freenet is a project that is creating an entirely new architecture for the Internet. It is uncensorable and difficult to attack in known ways because of good design and lots of cryptography. Documents published on the freenet cannot be removed, but fade out when no one requests them after a long while. The most recent release of the freenet software has many usability improvements, including Fproxy's inclusion. Fproxy lets you access the freenet through your web browser, which is what I'm doing now.

Mozilla is a free webbrowser that is the distant descendant of Netscape Navigator. It's clean, standards compliant, security and privacy friendly (you can kill grpahics and popup pages) and probably available for your favourite OS (PalmOS is just SOL for awhile longer, sorry).


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