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And just after I posted, as I was emailing somebody, the building alarm
went off. At more than 60 dB, and of course I was at the workstation closest
to the siren... I sent, logged out, and held the door open while almost
everyone else left. A couple asians seemed not to mind the noise (?!) and
didn't budge. As the last of those who left hit the staircase, the alarm
stopped. I went ahead on outside. Following a security bloke back to the
gatehouse, I found out the cause: someone had unlocked and opened their
office without telling security, tripping the alarm. I commiserated,
telling him that stupid people were the security problem in infosec, too.

So I went back to the pub (which is in the student union building and
across the hall from that laundry facility). I found K there, and asked
for clarification. She demurred (she was at at table with a few people
then), but once I had wandered about for a minute or two and set up shiny
at an empty table, she came over. We had a nice little chat. I slowly
remembered some of the things she had told me at other times (we met at the
airport, actually) and she clarified. She apparently had to listen to this
girl talking about me for "half an hour". She seemed agreeable to me trying
to not encourage it any. I told her about Jack, and showed her the meichi,
er business card he handed me. She found the whole thing pretty amusing.
The girl in question got back to the pub a few minutes after that (I had
seen her and exchanged destinations outside the gatehouse). Steve lumbered
over shortly after, wanting to fiddle with shiny. I put him on as guest,
but he couldn't see or paly much from there, so I relogged
(he wanted to see the porn and music). Although critical of my porn (which
K seemed to like a bit, but maybe just playfully) he looked at quite
a few ;)

The pub cleared out a bit, K left to get a cab to the airport (Amsterdam
for the weekend) and I left the girl in question (Really had ought to get
her name, huh?) looking over the front page and introduction of
Reciprocality, and then the
easy intro to M0, while laughing at a show on BBC4 about a guy who travels
the world looking for other people with the same name as he..

Colin threw us out as athe show went off the air (was past midnight after
all) and abbreviatedly: I handed her the Tolkein biography and Ley
lines pamphlet (a brief explanation of ley lines was required) and wished
her good night. I pointed her to the secret passage, cautioned her to mind
her head and went in search of chocolate.

Two things are obvious, at least. I am more interested in K than
this girl (of course). K professes to be looking for girls (of course).
(Oh, and I told the assembled table a brief version of the
peaux,rick,jen,(me) thing (as part of the story of how impressively
dense I am to people's entreaties and such (Hi Peaux! I wuv you!)).

Oh and the third obvious thing. the girl in question (less socially adept
than I, possibly) also did not like my collection of porn. She made the
humourous suggestion that only guys porn, and I had to disclose her
responsibilty as a netizen (to leech porn) and the state of IT tech
(porn and video games, email on some days).

This exciting day brought to you by Mozilla Messenger,
"cat > 11july2002.html", and the OS X Terminal with a little cleanup in
GNU nano.

adric,, 0:48,1:01 12 July 2002


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