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Exciting day

  • Lords

  • War Cabinet (ass)

  • Bakerloo (a-g)

  • tube strike wed 2000

  • baker street

  • Jack:

    • is not named Jack, but I have no reason to actually identify the fellow

    • noticed my fingernails as I was walking back up Baker St (er M---, having lost Baker St.)

    • usual speech (milk, testosterone)

    • nail guy? (greatly admired my nails)

    • I asked him if he happened to know where the Holmes museum was

    • He assented and we walked together for a bit.

    • we chatted as we walked, and I answered:

      • about a month

      • studying here

      • Churchill and Shakespeare, actually

      • University of Surrey-Roehampton, SW of London, but only about 30 minutes by tube

      • at the school (where staying)

      • around Atlanta, Georgia

    • asked if I knew any other guys with long nails

    • I suggested the possibility of some gothlings with black nails: "young", "fashion"

    • He asked if I got hit on by men much, to which I replied:

    • "Well, I'm actually quite dense about such things, and I don't usually realize it until later, like the next morning or a week or so after ..." (and I believe I suggested without actually saying so that it had happened a couple times).

    • I said (in reply to what I don't exactly remember) something like: Thanks very much for the compliment, but I quite have to stay unattached as I am only in town for a short time.

    • phonebooth

    • I told him about watching the parade Saturday (gay rights), which he'd missed

    • queens of all sorts in (adjective) costumes

    • assent

    • I suggested that I was quite used to that sort of thing but some of the students we brought with us from more rural regions might have been shocked. I exercised a city/country cliche and actually used the word cosmopolitan.

    • exchange cards (his: Picture/Media Librarian)

    • I didn't recognize the entertainment group name, so he mentioned one of their more famous publications, which he said he works on, and that cleared it up a bit..

    • Mentioned a website for long nails

    • suggested he might like to photo my nails

    • (I expressly did not mention the King of the Hill episode.)

    • I suggested I might be up for it, and that he should email me...

    • He pointed me to the correct block of Baker St.
    • I got the email, headers look to match what he said, but the salient bit is:
      Dear Ben
      Delighted to meet you.
      In haste

    • My surf of the site off his card matches up with the (world famous) publication he mentioned.

    • Now what do I do?

  • holmes museum: victorian flat with his things set in it.

  • laundry (german mtv)

  • K asking me about a girl I have been hanging out a little with (has been hanging out around me a bit). I get the implication that there is some interest. To hear K: "She was talking about you" and "It was you" (there a a lot of people on this trip, but so few names. On my hall, it's Ben, Ben, Ken, Don, etc ).

  • good lab is closed for the weekend, so I am in the LRC.

  • And finally, I am flat broke, so I shan't be going anywhere this weekend after all, and paris is starting to look unlikely as well. (At 60-150 GBP for the train and the question of accomadations still unanswered, and my balance at 0.37 in the negative ... )

And there has been an inconsiderate or clueless, but definity Russian luser on this very machine. Every few minutes the top right corner is obscured by a Flash &trade 6 animation, in Cyrillic.


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