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So, I am trying to come up with a reason why, by Friday I shouldn't drop both my classes and use the time to explore the country and people available to me, rather than stressing out about all the work I am not getting done for said classes. Plan B is just to muddle on, failing both classes but getting to see some nifty plays and such. Taking suggestions for Plan C ...

Anyway, Pericles (RSC at the Roundhouse) was really quite amazing. The theatre is a converted railway round house with auditorium seating steeply up the sides almost all the way 'round. The technical performance was quite impressive, with thundering, er, thunder (oops) and flashes of lightening, Daina sliding from the sky into the scene, a huge billowing sail, whicpped by winds unsdeen but felt, and held down by sailors on rope ladders ... and the bloody heads. The acting itself was quite good, and the staging really amazing, as there was no dead time in the play, save intermission. Even as one scene was closing, with lines still pronounced, another was being set, or other characters made their entrance. It really helped keep up the pace of the play.

I got an RSC ballcap (not quite like this one). It's back (duh) with the RSC logo and a bit of gold trim on the brim. While I am at it, I suppose I should also mention the dragon (catalog not online?!, I got the bigger one), the teatowel (for mom), the booklet Ley Lines of Wessex (striking title, interesting little book), and that I joined English Heritage, the org that looks after Stonehenge, Old Sara, and hundreds of other historic locations throughout Britain.

In other news, I am finding insight to my personality, or so it seems. One of the other students (who, it happens, is typing next to me) has noted how goofy I was being (as opposed to the other Ben, who is better at it by far, and it sparked a thought, reminding me that I use (ill-conceived) humor as a defense against the actions of the world. For a moment there I was starting to by the old saw "Cynics are dissappointed romantics," the idea that I poke fun and laugh at things so as to avoid the knowledge of how they really are, which would just be depressing... This has little to do with the trip as setting, but there you have it ...

We are headed to Scotland this weekend, where, we hear, it is snowing, despite it being July. The whole travel planning things does not go well at all. Much like the rest of this trip, it at best chaotic and ill thought out. I am greatly happy that I got to come over here, and am not excited about going back, but I do wish I had come with a different group. Between the blatant immaturity (and drunkeness) of the majority of the the students (eighteen and nineteen year olds) and the demonstrable incompetance of the administration (all nice people really, just clueless), sometimes it's quite difficult to argue that I wouldn't've been better off coming opn my own, or with a small group of friends and acquaintances.

Do be sure to keep those emails coming, particularly the reports on Lord Protector Ashcroft's shredding of the Bill of Rights. We've a few more blanks to fill in on our petitions for sanctuary and pleas for political asylum with the EC ;) oh, and Happy Fourth, all!

adric,, 3 July 2002


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