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Blech. This is starting to seem like a lousy day. There was no coffee left over for breakfast, and I got a call from collection agency on a bogus debt before I even got in the tub. I went into town for an apointment, and watched one of my less well developed ethical (or political?) principles snap under the strain of new data. I looked at some interesting reading material, and then moved on. I had a half litre of water and an iced mocha for lunch, along with a virulent criticism of PayPal from the young woman serving the beverages. I spent an hour leisurely browsing in the bookstore: perusing the magazines (oops should have gotten The Economist), looking over the foeign language section, looked over the games and sourcebooks, looked for twenty minutes for a language book that remains unfound even after I enlisted help from the staff, and finally purchased the second half of The Book of the New Sun. And even that didn't make me feel any better.

I have a list of people to touch base with( If you number among them, call or email, please...), and an ever expanding list of tasks to do before I head out ( wash clothes, pack, clean truck, homework, have a complete nervous breakdown, et al .... ) The press of time added to the uncertainy (sometimes even forboding) I feel about this trip (echoed from how I feel about life fnord, the universe and everything) is starting to manifest as inertia, and this morning seems to not have helped at all. I have all of these things to do, including a fair bit of homework to write up, and I feel as if I couldn't muster the willpower to go play video games for four hours (which, like browsing a good bookstore, has been known to distract me before).

It's been a lousy quarter-century all together. This wasn't what I planned to post today. Happy Birthday to me.


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