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Anth 22 April 2002

music/art presentations conclude

food production allows for specialization of labor, and therefore for professional art and music

Distinguishing Characteristics of Simple Band (H/G) vs Tribes:

  • tribes do not travel and live together

  • !! food production present in tribes, not bands !!

  • T: larger populations supportable

  • T: shared culture: dress, language, beliefs

  • T: territory: units may unite in defense

  • T: decisions


  • Social Structure: tribe

  • Subsistence Mode: food production subsistence and pastoral farming

  • Economics: family ownership of resources, reciprocity, part-time specialists

  • Mobility/Density: semi-sedentary or sedentary, low density

  • Decision Making: decentralized w/ multiple decision makers and rule enforcers

  • Belief Systems:

Big Men / Women

  • overproduces food to sponsor feasts and give away food and goods (tools, cloth, baskets, carvings)

  • to gain prestige (ego-booHtN) from other big men and women

  • compare w/ conspicuous consumption

Why did monarchy ever catch on?

  • need for a large military for defense/offense require strong long term authority

  • labor coordination to avert famine, shortage

  • long-distance trading requires such coordination

  • cf "Life Without Chiefs"

band -> tribe -> chiefdom -> state -> nation ..

Pakat sp?? CP p 135

  • Kenya

  • African map

  • Eastern Africa: pastoralist herding cultures

  • not enough plant life or game to support H/G

  • land is too poor, dry to support agriculture

  • N Am: Caribou, musk ox N Russia: reindeer

  • tropical domestication: cattle, goats, camels

  • elders decide things by oral tradition without codification

  • seek justice and repair of the community

  • hear all accounts, including victims

  • no private ownership of livestock, no word for "own"

  • women have milking rights for an animal, but don't own an animal

  • produce (nearly) all food and goods from bush and animals

  • beads worn for ornamentation, traded for

  • some manipulation of wealth in the short term

some extended discussion about consequences of agriculture, Atlanta's micro-climate (heat dome), and the growth of the Sahara, as well as te danger of plowing/irrigation versus more tradition (digging stick, bucket) techniques

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