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Anth, 10 April 2002

Is it Wed already? Bugger. Presentations/papers due starting Monday (10 min)

exam had more errors (in key) (qs 12 and 21), so add 2 more points to multiple guess half

Epe Mbuti

  • frequently called "Pygmies"
  • only a minor differential between height of men and women
  • very young boys learn hunting with bow (made by father)
  • honey gathering season (signaled by chameleon death cry) is most important of year

  • honey gathered by climbing trees as high as 150 ft

  • honey used for nutrition and trade

  • trade with agricultural societies on edges of forest
  • distended (chubby) stomachs are due to parasitic infection, most build immunity by age 5

  • 2/3 calories for coming season come from traded goods
  • axe head (traded honey for) passed on to future generations

  • slash and burn: rain forest soil exhausted in two years, takes about 20 years to recover nutrients

  • vicous cycle of cash crop planting

  • ( Aboriginal community destroyed by gifts of steel hatchets )

  • changes compound (cf. Mandarin butterflies in China )
  • crops: millet, cassava, bannana, peanuts
  • annual gathering
  • marriages arranged by sister exchange: Hawaiian kinship system
  • face painting
  • dancing a contant in society from walking to old age

  • fattening room, prospective wives sequestered
  • fig bark cloth worn for celebrations, formal events
  • forest as Father, source of all life
  • each band lives in, knows, and protects a part of the forest from outsiders


  • Rwanda, Uganda
  • also called Pygmies
  • building rope bridge with Stone Age tech
  • swing vine across gorge from tall tree

Similarities and Differences ( amongst h/g cultures ):

  • Eskimo: Inuit understanding of environment (is that polar bear left or right handed?) and Mbuti (gender, age and pregnancy of animal from tacks)
  • community: work together and share labor, everyone knows what is expected
  • Richard Lee's first mistake in Kalahari (!Kun): hoarding food (! == glottal stop)
  • then: bought a large fatty bull and expected praise, but bragging was not acceptable and his generosity was suspect
  • violates reciprocity by calculating value of gift
  • attempted bribery with tobacco and trinkets
  • importance of feasting

readings pushed off, new schedule next week, work on presentations (either Art or Music)

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