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Anth, 8 April 2002

Another hour stolen by the Congress? Or are you resisting the tide and being an hour late to everything today?

Tests back, add one point to scantron (one question thrown out) (41?)
lots of people unhappy with multiple choice grades/questions

looking at contemporary communities with Anth tools

Food Foraging/ Hunting-Gathering

  • less than 1%, none exclusive
  • oldest form of subsistence
  • up until about 10K YBP
  • mobility: annual cycles determine habitual movement based on plant, animal, water availability
  • 1500-1800 miles/year walking
  • limited material possesions, portable simple tool kits w/ !!multiple usage !!
  • show and tell: throwing stick (non-returning) 100 yrds, deadly accuracy, stuns animal for kill
  • show and tell: pitchy? dug/burn out digging tool, plate, mortar, vessel, shield, cradle
  • show and tell: carrying bag: macrame (knot-tying) from vine or inner tree bark, nets, shelter base, blanket base
  • show and tell: bark cloth (mulberry) swatch
  • show and tell: thumb piano (metal strips)

  • in-depth knowledge of territory and environment
  • the band: marriage and blood ties (10 - 24 - 50)
  • very intricate social systems
  • non-literate, oral tradition
  • myths used to keep history and geography in circulation
  • myths included geneology, tips and reminders on bark and hide
  • values: generosity, reciprocity, equality
  • reciprocity:time-honored tradition of sharing what we have when we have it

  • egalitarianism: resources are shared, possessions are handmade or found, support of others is required for survival
  • headman: no authority, leads by example, can be deserted by community
  • government by discussion and consensus
  • animism: offerings made to hunted animal, tree to be felled
  • rituals to grow clan totem
  • p 120 in CP: main areas of culture to examine
  • world view
  • eg: Mbuti, Australian Aborigines

standing orders: watch and listen take notes at breaks

Central Africa: Mbuti

  • brief intro in CP p 125
  • neurotoxin baked into arrows, cooks out of monkees
  • small game caught with vine woven nets
  • women: gather, cook, nurse, build
  • men hunt, either with nets or with bow
  • fire is transported from site to site (no flint)
  • high infant mortality: 1/5 dies
  • malnutrition -> immune deficency

review Eating Christmas in Kalahari and Eskimo Science
read material in CP on tribes (4 or 5 pp)
move articles on tribes to Monday, so three articles for Monday

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