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Anth 1 April

Happy Fish Day!
papers (?!) turned in

exam Wed:
50 multiple guess, 1 essay, bring notecards

Extra Credit (at Dunwoody Campus, except as noted):

  • film: Beneath the Veil e0330 18-20:30

  • April 2, lecture: Sept 11 and Women's Rights, A Pakistani Perspective 9:40-10:40
  • April 3 Lecture: Sept 11 and 11 and the Islamic Faith 1:45-2:45 (take exam early, say 12:15 at office)
  • April 3 Lecture: Sept 11 and the Global Peace Initiatives - Village to Village (healthcare) 6:00 - 7:00 (pm?)
  • April 12 International Festival 10-14 at Clarkston Campus

up to a maximum of 15 points each for a maximum of two sessions
write synopsis of experience and comment on interesting, surprising
max of about two pages

Gender: Defining Masculine and Feminine:
brainstorm masculine

  • strength
  • husky deep voice
  • political executive power
  • expectation of emotional detachment, stoicism
  • Superman, Colin Powell, Michael Jordon, John Wayne

brainstorm feminitity

  • soft
  • emotional
  • smaller size
  • smell good
  • nurturing
  • "pretty bird" : accessories, makeup, hair, cosmetic surery, posture, carriage


  • body builders
      masculine aspect
    • musculature -> strength
    • broad shoulders
    • importance of strength to male image

      feminine aspect
    • oiled skin
    • shaved skin
    • narcisicism
    • display, pagentry

Mali: Boro Fulani

  • traditional herders of cattle and camels
  • feared, renowned as caravan raiders
  • garwald: males presented to females
  • men primp and make up themselves and wear skirts of womens' cloth
  • dance every day for a week, facing the sun for good lighting
  • women are looking for potential husbands

male stereotype:

  • lanky, tall
  • good teeth
  • skin
  • facial features
  • men are "pretty bird"
  • feminine?
    • dancing
    • tweezing
    • group grooming
    • bangles


  • foot binding: Chinese woman with bound, broken feet (pointed)

  • wasp waist: woman being laced into a corset (one man's boot)

Legal differences between genders in Americas:

  • Colonial: women and their property, money are husband's property

  • -> 1970s: loans, credit required a male (21 yo+) co-sign or account holder

Dr Mead looking for Universal Gender Traits in New Zealand:

  • work together
  • men and women both involved in childcare
  • both warm and nurturing, tender, emotive


  • frequent involvment in inter-village warfare
  • emotional repression, cold, even to children
  • frequent violence, babies spit at and slap parents
  • open hostility as defense mechanism


  • men concerned about appearance, spend hours in mens' house primping and gossiping about women
  • little boys spent time with the men in the mens' house
  • little girls went to work with mothers
  • women were entrepreneurs, socializied wiht other women
  • behaviour reminded Dr Mead of men in Irish pub

Third genders (in CP):

  • Zuni Berdache: warrior who assumed women's tasks
  • no stigma in their culture

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