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Anth, 27 Mar 2002

still coughing (worrisome)

Mon finish gender, start childhood, do not read articles on childrearing (read CP), Exam III Wed

more on Gender Rituals


  • inforce (warrior) male dominance

  • provide instruction for adult roles

  • establish links between youth and elders

  • weeding out process , ideal male

  • establish peer links

failure consequences:

  • feast wasted

  • mother (or surrogate) punished for raising her)

  • family cattle holdigns stampeded from pen


  • celebration of male: reaffirming status of male

  • donating money to start his life

  • coming of age
  • peer links
  • distance from parents
  • gender differentiation


  • (Aboriginees)
  • secondary or tertiarty coming-of age rite
  • (20 years span)
  • penis is split and sand or ash is added to cut, causing recogniziable scarring

Roles and Activitites of Males and Females:

  • old theory: based on biology:
    • strength
    • child birth
    • child care

  • division of labour data from table CP p 105

  • photo: Haiti water run, headtotting

  • women can headtote upto 70 % (spending ?% more energy)

  • man with a pack can carry upto 40 % body weight (spending 35% more energy)

  • men seems unable to headtote (center of gravity)

  • photo: mayan woman totting firewood 50+ lbs

  • chart: 1995 study: Occupations with the smallest participation of women (USA)

  • Russia: after WWII 70% of all construction was by women

  • over 50% Russian truck drivers female

  • chart: ( 1995 )women dominated jobs (USA)

  • if not biology?:

    • subsistence modes:
      • (Washo Indians: hunt and gather together)
      • (Hamar: herding community, men own herds)

    • ties to home:
      • Islamist purdah

      • housing,seclusion
      • clothing

      • image: burka? body scarf
      • de-emphasizing physical appearance
      • similarity to habit/wimple
      • safety

      • excerpts from 1950s N. American Home Economics
      • textbooks

    • control of key resources

    • trade of exchange

    • gender preferences

    • religious traditions

Tuareg (N. Africa):

  • expectation of male modesty

  • men wear head coverings, women do not

ho: essay questions for Exam III (Wed)

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