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Anth 25 Mar 2002

Less sick. Still producing a little phlegm. Wheee.


  • gender:some cultures hold that children are born (physically) androgynous and ritualized into gender, usually by physical changes

  • reinforce ideas about status of males and females

  • help shape individual into culture's ideal male or female

  • Establish links between peers and elders

  • provide practical instruction for adult roles

  • provide instruction about belief system, values, rules of behaviour

Types of Gender Rituals:

  • birth, rebirth : male children ritually reborn of males

  • naming after relatives

  • birthdays and age holidays

  • circumcision (excision, infibulation), subincision

    • all known cultures which c. females c. males

    • many cultures c. males but not females

    • excision: part or all of clitoris is removed (becasue clitoris is seem as similar to a penis)

    • feminist agrument: reduces woman's enjoyment of sex

    • infibulation: lips of vulva are stitched closed, leaving a small opening (drinking straw sized)

    • upon marriage, scar tissue is cut away

    • some cultures may re-in. during nursing or after birth

    • a few times infib. was practiced in war to discourage rape

    • infib. causes many health problems

    • chart in CP (p 111) of common views on female/male circumcision

    • uncleanliness -> marriagability

    • approx 20% of male population is circumscised worldwide

  • coming of age

video clips narrated by zoologist Desmond Morris of Oxford


  • male birth celebrated, female birth basically ignored

  • small sums of cash donated (tucked in blanket)

  • male dominated society

  • defines social importance of male gender


  • infant is purified by oils applied by shaman

  • reborn by male healer

  • def. social importance of male gender

Greece (Orthodox)

  • christening with holy oil

  • symbolic rebirth

  • male name

  • immersion

  • purifies baby from animalistic birth

  • hair cut is form of cross

  • boys taken into sancutary, girls not allowed inside

  • women unclean, cannot enter santuary until menopause

  • differntiates genders


  • oochia?: one year birthday

  • minor divination: comb (hair dresser), rosary (nun), needle thread (seamstress)

  • establish gender

  • define gender roles (career)

US co-ed primary school

  • gender separation -> incest avoidance

  • opposite sex will be re-met after puberty

  • siblings will retain non-sexual identity


  • boys' shared ordeal: circumcision

  • from Egyptian immortality fixation / snake shedding skin

  • snake worship forgotten, but "spurious medical reasons were invented to keep the practice going"

  • enforces social order and rules(class)

  • differentiates from parents


  • in youth, every boy must spend a year as a monk

  • rise at dawn, pray to Buddha, beg for food

  • rites seperate boys from girls and from their families

  • "Women during menstration should not enter the temple."

  • enforce difference between genders


  • girls isolated in a hut for up to 3 years to weave hammocks

  • instructed by female family members

  • uncleanliness, secrecy, social rules, gender dominance

trad. Islam

  • girls: veils from puberty on

  • first veil marks great change in life

  • gender dominance


  • boy wears large dagger (jambir)

  • replaces child sized dagger

  • gender differentiantaion

Latin American

  • 300 y old ceromony ("") false wedding

  • vows of chastity until marriage

  • switches children shoes for adult ones

  • dances with her father


  • ettiquette and social conduct

  • entering and leaving rooms

  • sports cars


  • settles elders and peer groups


  • settles elder and peer groups


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