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Anth, 20 Feb 2002

It seems like I haven't been home since .. I haven't gotten anything done this week but making it to classes unprepared and spending many hours at company meetings. I have too much else that I am not getting done. (projects for each class, moving in to my room, etc)

Kinship Project due Monday

quizzes returned, grades have improved
Comms project will be counted twice and I'll almost certainly have to drop this course now. Whee.


  • Functions/Purpose:

    • Reduce sexual competetion:

      • humans have no estrus cycle

      • humans use covert signals to inducate receptiveness

      • long term relationships allow males to study a female and learn her signals

      • male must be present to prevent other males from impregnating the female

  • Infant Care

  • Create labour and economic unit

  • Legitimizes children, link with family group/caste
    • unilineal societies in particular

    • caste systems ensure purity by marrying in caste

  • Alliances: on many scales

  • Exchange of wealth

  • Companionship and social unit

Western expectations of marriage:

  • companionship

  • social unit creation

  • emotional support

  • financial support

  • co-parent, role model

Marriage Rules:

  • endogamy

  • exogamy

  • Cousin preference

  • Biblical model

  • Western model

  • Exchange of Wealth:

      • bride price: paid by groom's family to brides

      • Nuer Bride Price Payments (cattle, calves, oxen) from CP

      • Senegalese bride-price money (Iron barbs)

      • dowry: brides family paid to groom's family

      • Hope Chest

      • bridal shower, gift registries

      • traditionally dowry is returned in divorce, unless there is cause demonstrated against the man

      • in some poverty stricken parts of the world, women are now selling their organs to pay their own dowry

      • causes gender selection in childbirth

      • dowry murder: wife is murdered to keep dowry from returning to bride's family

- > specific marriage practices of certain communities
- > essay questions for next exam, which is in one week

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