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Anth, 18 Feb 2002

papers, quizzes back



  • Patrilineal: (Chart A in CP p 78)

    • family passes through father's descendants

    • Ego female

    • will always be in her father's family group

    • total of ... 13 including Ego

    • I should start bringing CP to class or scan the verdammt thing

      • M1,

      • 6, M7, 9

      • M19, F21, 22, 23, 26

      • 36, 37, 40, 41

  • Ego and F10: Ego's Mother are related, but are not family members

  • M25, Ego's husband is not in her family

  • Children belong only to father's family group:
  • if F10 and M9 broke up, he (M9) would get total custody of children

  • Patrilineage or Patrilineal Extended Family (photo):

    • father,

    • his sons,

    • their wives,

    • the children

  • all live and work together

  • men collectively own businesses which employ family members

  • joint pool of money used to purchase tools, vehicles

  • money might be spent to train a son as a doctor, who would then treat whole family

  • punishment dealt out by _all_ males in family

  • family is self-regulating, very little crime

  • marriages must be approved by family

  • wives in particular must be picked carefully as they will be living with family

  • developed where keeping men's labor together was important: herding animals, ...,frequent war

  • used by Celtic clans (among others) to divide territory and determine alliances

  • ancient Chinese

Matrilineal: (Chart B)

  • Ego is M22

  • matrilineal kinship group:

    • F4

    • 10, 11, 13

    • 22, 23, 26, 27, 30 (not 24,25 in-laws)

    • 42, 43, 46, 47

  • sisters children and brothers:

  • 22 23 26 --> 13 primary economic support, disciplinarian

  • Ego's father would have responsibility to his sisters children

  • if mother only has sisters, some other male member of the matrilineage fills in, but not an in-law

  • if all males are lost the system will break down

  • women own land, homes

  • men fill power positions in politics, ritual

  • M9 is "parentally" concerned for his sister's children: 15 17 19 21

  • Advantages:

    • M9 can be a friend to his own children, as authority is vested in another male

    • Women do not have to stay in unhappy marriages for economic reasons or to keep her children (support does not come from her husband, children are hers always)

    • Women live with her sisters, her unmarried brothers, her mothers

  • Developed to keep women together as a work force

  • provide for support when men are lost in war or gone for months

  • Navajo, Cherokee

Clans and Totem:

  • after several generations from a common ancestor, totems are used to represent common ancestor

  • representative animal

  • clan: share totem, common ancestry

  • keepers of religios paraphenalia, including images of totem

  • all ritual objects belong to the clan and may only be made by it's member

  • increase rituals: guarantee prosperity, fertility of totem animals

  • clan members do not consume or harm the totem animal

  • protects variation in animal species

  • maintains balance of creation

  • iguana (icon), mud turtle (painting)

  • Hopi Kochina doll(show and tell)

  • extinction of totem animal can cause breakup of clan


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