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Anth, 13 Feb 2002

with Jacob:

universal kinship terms:

  • father

  • mother

  • brother

  • sister

  • son

  • daughter

  • (child)

  • husband

  • wife

p 69 in CP

Identify relationship to Ego, using universal kinship terms, table A:

  • 1: 1's son's daughter = Ego's father's father

  • 6: 1's daughter = Ego father's sister

  • 10: Ego's mother

  • 13: Ego's mother's brother

  • 19: Ego's father's brother's son

  • 20: Ego's father's brother's daughter's husband

  • 33: Ego' mother's brother's daughter

  • 40: Ego's brother's son

  • 48: Ego's mother's brother's daughter's son

Classification Criteria:

  • Gender

  • Generation

  • Blood or Marriage

  • Lineal or Collateral

  • Relative Age

  • Size of Family

Social Categories:

  • obligationa nd responsiblities

  • rules of etiquette

analyze by each factor mother, brother, uncle, cousin

  • Mother:

    • female

    • one generation ascending

    • blood

    • lineal

    • + 20 y / + one gen

    • mother's side

      • caretaker,

      • bearer of children

      • raises children,

      • teacher

      • nurturer

      • protector

      • co-provider

      • disciplinarian

      • healer

  • brother:

    • male

    • same generation

    • blood

    • collateral

    • same age / gen , older or younger

    • n/a

    • bully??

  • uncle:

    • male

    • one ascending

    • indeterminate

    • collateral

    • indeterminate

    • indeterminate

    • money, live elsewhere

    • indeterminate

  • cousin:

    • gender indeterminate

    • indeterminate

    • blood relative

    • collateral

    • indeterminate

    • indeterminate

    • not socially important due to lack of data in these fields

  • Chart: Eskimo Kin Terms p 71 by American terminology

    • B: mother

    • E: uncles

    • H,G: cousins

    • D,C: brothers, sisters

    • Assumption: nuclear family: mother, father and their children

    • Is this nucleus an economic unit? Yes.

    • This group has the highest moral obligations to each other.

    • If A dies? E may help out some, but does not pick up all responsibilities

    • Nuclear familiies do not react well to loss of an adult individual.

    • Too dangerous for traditional societies.

    Chart: Hawaiian Kin Terms, as English

    • any sibling of my parent is a father or mother

    • three women fulfilling duties of mother

    • mother's sister will nurse, discipline, feed, shelter children
    • man marries a mother -> mother's husband

    • flexibility in residence and employment

    • if Ego's biological father dies, there is little danger as his other fathers will provide

    • relatives are social safety net

    • compare to social democracy, trusts, insurance


    • every relative is unique

    • my father's eldest brother by my father's third wife ..

    • highly specific system, clear obligations and rules
    • prescribed gifts from each relative

    • Han Chinese, Confucian primary relationship
    • used by many non-literate cultures, keep all this in their head

    quiz next time on readings on family terminologies

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