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Anth, 6 Feb 2002

In addition to the long list of reasons my life sucks this week, I was late to class and my brain is still thawing from the cold. Only 9 more shopping days until Half-Price Chocolate Day!

More on Sedentary (Neolithic) life:


  • cereal grains = carbohydrates, but not protein
  • fossil record: dental, skeletal: teeth weak, skeletons brittle, shorter
  • pulses: (bean, peas) high protein plants
  • Mesopotamia: wild cereal grains, some pulses


  • img of 10

  • Mesopotamia:

    • oxen,
    • cattle,
    • goats,
    • sheep,
    • eventually pigs and horses

  • Goat uses:

    • milk,
    • meat,
    • wool,
    • labour (small carts)
    • breed in captivity

  • Cow and horse:

    • horse milk
    • pack animals
    • dung ->

      • fertilizer,
      • fuel,
      • building material
      • grass-eaters' dung less dangerous

    • blood - food source

  • New World animal availability:

    • llamas,
    • bees,
    • ducks

  • New World grain crop availability:

    • corn
    • required much cultivation to make it a food source
    • original maize (grass) plant cobs were less than an inch long
    • selectively bred up to 4-5" and only about half kernels.
    • seems to have started in Valley of Mexico, outside Tenochitilan (sp)

    What is Domestication?

    • breed in captivity
    • husbandry : desirable trais encouraged
    • maize: gather seeds from plants with larger cobs, more kernels (higher yield)
    • cattle: biggest, strongest for labour, extra milk for milking
    • sheep: more wool coverage
    • Engineering food resources is process of domestication
    • out of 200,000 plants we have specialized on 12 for most of our food
    • out of all animals we have specialized in about 10 (back to img)
    • now we are genengineering animals and plants hybrids -> (mule) don't reproduce...
    • grain seeds resist drought but do not produce viable seeds

    How did they figure thiese things out?

    • trial and error, lots of death
    • potatoes: plant eyes or whole potatoes
    • sprout greens (non-nutritive, sometimes poisonous)
    • root is starchy food
    • demonstrates how much knowledge was required for domestication
    • first planting experiments ~16e3 YBP
    • first villages ~6e3 YBP
    • primates can build on knowledge base with large brains

    moving onto

    -- pop quiz on reading --


    • DoubleSpeak article:

      • euphemism:

        • word or phrase to make something less unpleasant than it is
        • "cultural disadvantaged": poor or poorly educated
        • "passed away": dead
        • "..." killed
        • "kicked the bucket": died
        • "laid off":fired
        • political correctness

      • bureaucratese:

        • making something simple uncomprehensible because of excess words
        • use large words to confuse people
        • respond at length without saying anything
        • aka gobbledlygook
        • Alan Greenspan

      • jargon:

        • technical language associated with a trade or technology
        • snowboard lingo: "shreddin" as opposed to skiers "shrout"?
        • broadcast journalism: generic "throwback"
        • yoga (hatha?): names of positions
        • computer techs: ID10T and "realign the linear power accelerator"
        • words are overloaded, take different meaning in context than in common usage

      • inflated language:

        • make ordinary things/people seem more important
        • Librarian: Media Specialist
        • Secretaries: Administrative Assistant or Office Manager

    • Indirect communication (article):

      • superiors -> subordinates ("It's cold in here.")
      • missed that question
      • co-pilot to pilot: indirect to avoid questioning authority
      • -> plane crashed


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