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Anth, 4 Feb 2002

Since someone asked: Assume that school, work, other peoples' drama, insane housemate issues, and sleep take up more time and energy than I can muster, and most of those things aren't interesting or aren't mine to write up. (And there was that spoofed news piece ..)

test returned, review:
essays: not specific enough, use details to back up thesis

these got switched somehow?

<th>Creationists and Evolutionists:</th> Food Production:
  • first Hominids: 4 - 4.5 E 6 YBP
  • Hunting and Gathering -> 10-11 E3 YBP
  • control food sources
  • 6E3 YBP: Old World villages
  • 3.5E3 YBP: New World villages
  • Neolithic: "New Age"
  • Constraints of Hunter/Gathers:
    • very finite food supply
    • spaced births of children
    • ease of transport in migration, fewer infants/toddlers
    • pick between live births
    • elderly (wisdom) also not mobile
  • Advantages of sedentary lifestyle:
    • able to support larger populations
    • no need to migrate all people, property
    • accumulation of property: pottery (sun dried, semi-fired)
    • fine goods: grave goods, gifts
    • crops can be stored
  • Hazards of sedentary life :
    • less mobile in case of disaster
    • less adaptable
    • population concentration, property breed conflicts
    • more complex rules
    • grown foods (grains) are labour intensive
    • move from free time to drudgery
    • health issues: skeletal injuries, inbreeding
    • health issues: contagion, no sanitation
    • refuse disposal
    • lifespan: reduced from 26 - 19 y
    • cereal grains: calories, but malnutrition (missing nutrients, protein)
    • pulses: (legumes: pods) protein and some nutrient


  • Young Earth: created 26 Oct 4004 BCE (Usher's chronology)

  • Unique Creation: all living things created in final form in the first few days of Creation

  • Progressive Creation: several creative periods (waves)

  • Extinction by Catastrophe (an Act of God?)

  • Single Origin Site: Garden of Eden

  • Origin of Life: Divine Creation


  • Old Earth: 4.6 E 9 YBP

  • new life from genetic change

  • Natural Selection determines survivors

  • Multiple Origin Sites, Times: seas, land (eg: Australian animals)

  • Origin of Life: not adressed by Evolutionary Theory Slartibartifast)


Theistic Evolution:

  • taught in seminaries

  • Divine Creation of Evolution

  • simillar to Deism -- clockmaker god


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