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American Fighter Pilot Refuses Slave Collar, Sues

This just in...

WASHINGTON D. C. US fighter pilot Sally McKathy is suing the U.S. Ministry of Peace. Her suit alleges that American servicewomen stationed in the Caliphate of Saud are being required by their commanders to wear slave collars and manacles in order to fit in better with local customs and appease the local government. The Caliphate is governed by a theocratic monarchy which holds all women to be chattel, and it laws reflect this. All local women must wear a slave collar whenever they leave their homes, must never drive an automobile or walk in front of a male, and are are generally held to be the property of their father or husband. The policy under protest by LTC McKathy has required female American military personal to submit to these local customs whenever they leave the base. American troops have been stationed in the Caliphate for several years to protect the valuable mineral resources of the region from more belligerent nations. McKathy's suit argues that these regulations are unconstitutional, violating her freedoms of religion and speech, and that they enshrine gender discrimination. The Ministry of Peace could not be reached for comment.

Note: This did not happen, at least not exactly this way. See here Please comment or suggest improvements below!


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