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The movie industry's suicidal tactics succeeded. We went to a video store after determining there was no theater we could reach or find a seat in in range. We were easily defeated by the blithering array of lousy movies at the store (which is particularly poorly organized, and no longer my responsiblity :). We came home empty handed save a flyer for a local computer shop run by some guys I know. I was wondering if they were still going, and it looks like they have latched on to the cert farming business. I plan on giving them a poke over a couple things... Oh, and the rents found some movie from 1953 on the TV. (snicker)

One of them always insisted, whem we were all working in a building owned by IBM a couple years back, that big companies would never adopt free software, and that I was just nuts. Well, IBM has bought into Linux and free software big time, and is kicking off a big ad campaign this month to remind everyone. Another of them was a little friendlier (or quiet on the subject), and around the time we all stopped working there, I helped him move. I haven't heard from them in a couple years since then. If they've clued in (conceivable), they could some one with my knowledge, and if they haven't it'll be fun sparring with them and enlightening any clients of theirs who happen to be around :) Either that or I'll sell them a firewall. I should be doing more of that anyway.

And now I'm tempted to put the URI for their site in here, as it appears I am about to heckle my way through it.. They have apparently gone over to cert farming (with financing!) wholesale. Ah, hell, it's pretty bad. Heckle away, it's too easy to be any fun... Look at those tables. Gack. Be pretty funny if some one showed 'em this before I get to poking them, though.

On the other hand, one of more of those guys may still be upset with me over how all that (us not working at the building owned by IBM) went down. I made some lousy choices, and it caused me some trouble. This had little to do with their leaving though, and may have even provided a little cover for their plans (which had apparently been brewing for some time). Hrmm..

Leeching a bunch of Debian floppies to try out. Some nutter has worked the ReiserFS into the install program so you can install Debain GNU/Linux 2.2 (potato) on reiser as root. If you are still reading the paragraph, you might care to know that amongst other nifty tricks, reiser is a journaled file system, meaning no fsck on boot most of the time, and a tiny one is dire emergencies (as opposed to the usual half hour of downtime..) Also grabbing a floppy for OpenBSD, who have yet another cool new mascot for the 2.8 release:

Cute, ain't he?


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