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ANTH 28 Jan 2002 - nil.enroll(aetheric_username, quantum_class_id)
yljatlhQo'! QIch lo'laltbebej!
ANTH 28 Jan 2002
Modern man, Upper Paleolithic culture, modern h. sapiens

test wed!

  • 50 multiple choice (scantron green, pencil)
  • 3 or 4 short discussion (pen):

    • primate traits that combine for cultural advancement,
    • significanat early hominid cultural devel.
    • thorough and specific answers

  • java and peking -> h errectus
  • lucy, .. -> australopithicines
  • primate characteristics
  • ape characteristics


  • Out of Africa Theory
  • Upper Paleolithic
  • artist recon
  • new tech:

    • sewing, needles, tailoring -> clothes
    • bow and arrow -> weapons
    • spear w/ bone and stone points -> short stabbing spears and throwing spears
    • "spearchucker" - ada...
    • jewelery, cave art -> art
    • bone and wood knife (composite) -> tools: handles

  • points (img)

    • fishhooks
    • bone needle -> tents
    • carved thighbone w/ animal images?

      • animism?
      • improved grip?
      • personalization?
      • kill notches?

    • free time for precision and specialization
    • harpoon heads:

      • detachable, stays in prey
      • attach tether
      • spring design

    • spear thrower

      • greatly increased force
      • rebound sends shaft back to hunter to replace point

  • Siberian culture in treeless tundra: created shelter from mammoth bones
  • fire pit with rocks to heat shelter
  • artist recon of cozy fire, soapstone vessels
  • art

    • remote locations, high up
    • ground paint in limestone floor
    • hunting scenes, animals
    • handprints, but very few human figures
    • Lascoux (SP!), Altamira
    • spatter paint

      • clay pigments ground into powder
      • wet with saliva,
      • spit on wall
      • and smoothed with twig

    • human depictions are stylized, noticably not as well done as animals
    • wild deer skin worn by human
    • "venus" figurines (sp)
    • drama: diorama on ceiling of room 1 mi down at Lascoux
    • map of Lascoux (sp!)
    • artificial lifght: animal fat burned in limestone, soapstone
    • access: Who painted, Who saw?
    • carvings: bone teeth, some phallic symbols as well, bone flute
    • beaded necklace found with remains

  • Migration from "Old World":

    • SE Asia: by land until Borneo
    • sail from island to island always in sight of land
    • Walk from New guinea to Australia
    • boats: palm husks, palm fronds, saplings
    • spear thrower depicted in Aust. cave art
    • E Asia: across Bering ithmus
    • simple skin boats
    • hopscotch down West Pacific coast
    • some migration appears to have come from Iberia (Europe)
    • maps of both routes
    • size of migratory groups: mostly unknown, but hunting groups were about 25 individuals
    • reasons from migration:

      • glacier movement in the North
      • following animals
      • animals following their food

    • sewing -> surgery?

      • not much evidence from fossils
      • Uzi (Iceman) has tattoos showing pressure points for acupuncture, and he had arthiritis (sp)
      • some very slight evidence he was a sacrifice

    • Cave use?

      • some caves used for art
      • some others have debris indicating long habitiation

    Physical Variations (gpc.peachnet.edu/~rcarrie/color.htm:

    • melanin: activated by exposure to sun

      • extended sun exposure leads to
      • skin cancer
      • destruction of sweat glands

    • Sahn (sp)

      • Khalihari (sp) Desert
      • less direct sunlight
      • plenty of reflected sunlight
      • epicanthic fold : fat around eyes -> built-in squint

    • E Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan)

      • long limbed
      • hot, dry, savannah and scrub desert
      • longer strides for speed
      • more surface area for convection cooling
      • more sweat glands

    • Sahn

      • males rarely ever more than 90 lbs
      • small bodies cool better
      • less protein needed for survival
      • need less than 1K calories / day
      • women have fat deposits on back and buttocks
      • cycles of food scarcity
      • women more likely to survive
      • able to carry child and nurse even in scarcity

    • "Negritoes"

      • Malaysia ...
      • adult males rarely exceed 4 ft in height
      • easier mobility in dense tropical forest
      • need less protein

    • New Guinea

      • children born blond
      • hair darkens later

    • Hairiness:

      • mostly a N European trait
      • uncommon in African, Asia populations
      • Ainu: native inhabitants of Japanese islands are quite hairy, even women sometimes
      • light skinned: avoid frostbite, process available sunlight for nutrients (Vitamin D -> activates calcium)
      • light eyes: see better in low light
      • color blindness: see silhouettes clearly, not fooled by camoflauge -> snipers

    • Epicanthic fold:

      • stereotypically Asian but actually Mongolian
      • Navajo: migrated from snow to plains
      • light eyes: slow(er) pupil response
      • remedied somewhat by squint

    • Sickle cell trait:

      • Mediterranean, Southern India, Southern Arabia, some areas African
      • Malaria immunity
      • recessive trait: from one parent malarial immunity
      • from both parents: serious disease (anemia)
      • from neither, malaria (!)

    • Hair color and texture:

      • light hair: northern lattitudes
      • tighter curls: insulator

Current Mood: harried
Current Music: weekend drama overture

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From: nanbear Date: January 28th, 2002 02:26 pm (UTC) (Link)

Two points

Point one -- you're up! I take it you made it to class. Please remember to shut off lights behind yourself and remember to really turn the faucet in bathroom. It leaks.

Point two -- love your choice of music there, my friend. If I had known it was going to be that much drama I would have opted out. God didn't plan it that way, however. :)
pinkeffigy From: pinkeffigy Date: January 30th, 2002 10:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
Good luck on test!!
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