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Anth, 16 Jan 2002

primate loose ends:

  • from CP p 18 (Film Review: People of the Forest)

    • Gombe Stream Reserve: Lake Tanganyika , near Congo border
    • Jane Goodall: unexperienced, no anth training, no expectations
    • went in with no formal training, no degree
    • Louis Leakey (sp?), funded project, selected her
    • picked a woman for patience and observation
    • now has earned Doctorate in Anth
    • thesis was very anthropomorphic, use personal pronouns
    • entering 4th decade of observation (1960 - )
    • dramatis personae:

      • Flo (domme == dominant female)
      • Flo's daughter Fifi
      • Flo's older sons Fabena and Figan
      • Flo's young son Flint
      • Olly Longface: throat swollen from goiter - severe thyroid condition (iodine deficency (sp?) )
      • Gilka, Olly's daughter
      • Baldy Macgregor

    • recently distracted by starting tourist trade, seeding small businesses
    • lessen ecomomic needs that were driving poaching of chimps
    • video clip:

      • Fifi has been separated from Flo and Flint

      • preschool fighting

      • preschooler dragged apart
      • Baldy has polio (zoonosesis)
      • 1/4 of chimp community was affected by the disease
      • Olly's baby died, and she carried the corpse in denial for weeks(?)
      • Faben lost the use of an arm, fored into bipedalism (sp?) for life
      • (grooming as social glue of chimp community)
      • Fifi is entering estrus
      • Flint, at 5, still trying to nurse, but milk is drying up
      • Flint throws a tantrum
      • Later on Fifi(?) gives birth, making Flint no longer the baby
      • sucking and grasping
      • Flint tries to suckle again, throws another tantrum
      • Flo (in her 40s) moves away, family follows
      • A few weeks later ...
      • Fifi's (?) infant dies, Flint is happy again as baby
      • (older parents bear weaker children, as in humans)
      • Flint should be with a peer group, but Flo accepts him back
      • 2 1/2 years pass..
      • Flo dies (53), Flint (8 yo, still acting as baby) finds the body
      • family gathers near streambed site
      • family leaves, flint stays in tree above stream for 3 weeks before dying
      • (anthropomorphism vs. chimp emotions)

  • white tufts on rear darken with age, as does facial hair

  • mature males pack and hunt or forage during the day

  • dominant female?:

    • determined by birth
    • enhanced by aggressiveness
    • alliances: food and grooming favours traded for influence

opposable big toe == ape, use toe in opposition like thumb

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