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Anth , 14 Jan 2002

Trying to lj-cut, will fix later

Primates questions:

  • Predatory chimps: Did they eat monkeys before the researchers arrived? Assumption is yes, and this behaviour has been observed in other priamtes elsewhere.

  • How is troop rank achieved: Birth, combat and aggression, alliances

  • Dominant members will be sleek (more grooming), larger(more food), and have many battle scars

  • Prosimian examples: . . . . . lemurs
  • Migration?: Baboons develop wanderlust as part of maturation (It is believed that this behaviour is instinctive and prevents inbreeding). They are not driven off

  • exception: Young male gorillas will be chased out as competetion.

  • How do they find new troops?: Sight, smell.. Often see/contact other troops

  • Did early humans eat less meat due to limited availability or ?

  • Fossil teeth (dentition (sp?)) are the evidence of diet, and some feces

  • It is assumed that until tools, early hominids would have been too small to obtain meat.

  • Sexual dimorphism: significant size difference in males and females

  • This seems to explain why males of those species do more of the hunting.

film: cultural development in apes, chimps, oraungatans (sp)

  • chimps: make different tools for different insects: ants, termites

  • ivory coast chimps: wooden 'hammer' and 'anvil' and rocks to crack nuts

  • learned: taught by mother, make take up to 6 y to perfect

  • this is the beginning of culture

  • tanganyikan chimps: lick rocks for salt and other minerals

  • chimps: eat a non-nutritive herb for dyspepsia

  • borneo O: learned to wash clothes from humans

  • June: Chicago Zoo : paints with brushes, which she fixes

  • June: determines when a painting is done and won't add to it.


  • Yerkes: painting chimps will choose art over food

  • never draw on anything but paper or canvas

  • given materials and allowed to watch others and experiment

  • one of June's early paintings was entered in a Chicago art show and took 3rd

  • paints everyday

  • large canvases occasionally

  • prints and originals in Lincoln Park Zoo shop

  • various anecdotes about human-primate kinship

  • Yerkes researcher kept warm by female gorilla overnight

  • human child carried to safety in priamte pit at a zoo

  • talk about Willie B. and his habitat

  • reminder of gorilla strength

Communications, Language Training, and Apes

  • image: collage of similar facial expressions between chimps and George W. Bush

  • Can non-human primates understand syntax and grammar?

    • early on, some facility was discovered, but doubts remained
    • responses were appropriate, but conditioning was suspected
    • Chimps were being taught symbols out of context
    • Changed teaching methods: full commands, full sentences
    • Primates were understanding syntax (order) concepts
    • Subjects assembled their own, unparseable sentences
    • novel formulations, new meanings
    • "throw ball in water" -> did
    • Koko: water-bird -> picture of duck
    • chimp: green bananna -> cucumber
    • inter-subject communication
    • expressed desires, request objects from another place
    • self-recognition in mirrors, monitors
    • Indicated planned actions, spoke of future

Kanzi (film clip)

  • here in Atlanta, at Yerkes

  • Sue Rumbaugh (sp?), .. .. , Emory and GA State

  • bonobo chimps can't vocalize human sounds

  • Mata, Kanzi's mother never quite picked this up, but Kanzi seems to have

  • keyboard/table: match sounds to symbols

  • follows commands without facial cues (welding mask)

  • "take the vacuum cleaner outdoors"

  • helper monkeys for paraplegics and quadraplegics

  • do they show emotions? (film clip next time)

Wed: loose ends on priamates, start in on bipedialism
Quiz for today as a ho, go over answers on Wed

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