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Anth, 7 Jan 2002

224, : Gets to Ghost Not a different way?

This should probably be wiki, not weblog..

Syllabus (ho)

  • Instructor Introduction

  • Liberal Arts Education <-- World Tours

  • Grading

    • Three exams (100), one comprehensive final (150)

    • Missed exams, when excused are replaced by final grade

    • Class participation: 20%

    • unannounced quizzes (sp)

    • professor pleasantly suprised that my typing is class notes

    • Projects (ho) ..


  • Artifacts (Carlos):

    • quality over quantity

    • long tour

  • Communication:

    • two of (one Asian, one African, one Middle Eastern)

    • at least two www sites

  • Families:

  • Art & Music:

    • 10 min presentation, non-European

    • instruments

    • music sample, explanation -> themes>/li>

  • Cuisine (sp?): new exotic food type

  • Interview:

    • Start now, find two people

    • several appointments

    • start with 8 questions, follow up, follow along

    • paper can be essay or FAQ / Q&A format

    • data will indicate format

    • non-European: Asian, African, ..

    • rule of thumb:
      ask some of the Qs, If they answer "the same way you do" get another subject

    • targets: ESL, neighbourhood, convenience store

    • in class: foreign nationals may interview Americans (Nigerian: Ibu(sp?))

    • Russians: differ by geography, time

    • no one who came here as a young child

    • They need strong English.

    • Need not do different areas/cultures for each project.

    • Reservation born Native American, native aborigones (sp)

    • Do not need to use their real name is report

Schedule (ho)
Books: Reader and Coursepack
first few Coursepack articles on her site:

which is also an official resource for the course.

What is anthropology?

  • Study of Man?

  • started Man's culture

  • What is culture?

    • shared beliefs

    • traditions

    • material and non-material

  • Components of Culture (slide):

    • Social Structure
    • Belief Systems
    • Technology
    • Subsistence
    • Communication
    • Politics
    • Aesthetics

    • Physical

      • Primatology

        • Monkeys have tails
        • Chimps share 98% genome with humans
        • language, thumbs, intelligence

      • Human Paleo

        • pre-human (H. erectus) skull (shown)
        • brow ridges

        • smaller brain case

        • half the size of ours

        • diff is in frontal lobes

        • likely lacked long term storage

        • less have to re-learn daily

        • likely non-verbal and verbal comms</il>

      • Forensic
      • Human Variation

    • Archaeology

      • study extinct societies
      • study things left behind or thrown away
      • artifact: portable item left behind by previous
      • feature: non-portable, eg: building foundations
      • spheroid artifact: ... ball from gambling game northern illinois 130 ya

    • Linguistics

      • not just language, but communication
      • body language
      • facial expressions
      • music, song in non-literate cultural
      • art in many cultures

    • Cultural

      • most of this class
      • components of culture (above)
      • participant-observation
      • immersion: live as they do
      • attempt to be non-invasive
      • this is quite difficult bc of technology, et al
      • scientific observation -> accurate portrait of target organization
      • gather in most miunte data to get "big picture"
      • ethnography: in-depth study of a community
      • typically 2-3 years:
      • comfort,
      • seasons,
      • different individuals, aging (births, deaths, and funerals)

    • ethnology: study a particular aspect of a culture, eg drums


  • Prostitution,
  • firefighters,
  • cocktail waitresses

    Corporate Ethnography: how a business works, why it doesn't

    Office hours: Mo and We, Tu and Th not on campus (Alpharetta), Fridays odd

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