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Anth, 7 Jan 2002
224, http://deoxy.org/evasion/toc.htm : Gets to Ghost Not a different way?

This should probably be wiki, not weblog..

Syllabus (ho)

  • Instructor Introduction

  • Liberal Arts Education <-- World Tours

  • Grading

    • Three exams (100), one comprehensive final (150)

    • Missed exams, when excused are replaced by final grade

    • Class participation: 20%

    • unannounced quizzes (sp)

    • professor pleasantly suprised that my typing is class notes

    • Projects (ho) ..


  • Artifacts (Carlos):

    • quality over quantity

    • long tour

  • Communication:

    • two of (one Asian, one African, one Middle Eastern)

    • at least two www sites

  • Families:

  • Art & Music:

    • 10 min presentation, non-European

    • instruments

    • music sample, explanation -> themes>/li>

  • Cuisine (sp?): new exotic food type

  • Interview:

    • Start now, find two people

    • several appointments

    • start with 8 questions, follow up, follow along

    • paper can be essay or FAQ / Q&A format

    • data will indicate format

    • non-European: Asian, African, ..

    • rule of thumb:
      ask some of the Qs, If they answer "the same way you do" get another subject

    • targets: ESL, neighbourhood, convenience store

    • in class: foreign nationals may interview Americans (Nigerian: Ibu(sp?))

    • Russians: differ by geography, time

    • no one who came here as a young child

    • They need strong English.

    • Need not do different areas/cultures for each project.

    • Reservation born Native American, native aborigones (sp)

    • Do not need to use their real name is report

Schedule (ho)
Books: Reader and Coursepack
first few Coursepack articles on her site: http://www.gpc.peachnet.edu/~rcarrie/anthlinks.htm

which is also an official resource for the course.

What is anthropology?

  • Study of Man?

  • started Man's culture

  • What is culture?

    • shared beliefs

    • traditions

    • material and non-material

  • Components of Culture (slide):

    • Social Structure
    • Belief Systems
    • Technology
    • Subsistence
    • Communication
    • Politics
    • Aesthetics

    • Physical

      • Primatology

        • Monkeys have tails
        • Chimps share 98% genome with humans
        • language, thumbs, intelligence

      • Human Paleo

        • pre-human (H. erectus) skull (shown)
        • brow ridges

        • smaller brain case

        • half the size of ours

        • diff is in frontal lobes

        • likely lacked long term storage

        • less have to re-learn daily

        • likely non-verbal and verbal comms</il>

      • Forensic
      • Human Variation

    • Archaeology

      • study extinct societies
      • study things left behind or thrown away
      • artifact: portable item left behind by previous
      • feature: non-portable, eg: building foundations
      • spheroid artifact: ... ball from gambling game northern illinois 130 ya

    • Linguistics

      • not just language, but communication
      • body language
      • facial expressions
      • music, song in non-literate cultural
      • art in many cultures

    • Cultural

      • most of this class
      • components of culture (above)
      • participant-observation
      • immersion: live as they do
      • attempt to be non-invasive
      • this is quite difficult bc of technology, et al
      • scientific observation -> accurate portrait of target organization
      • gather in most miunte data to get "big picture"
      • ethnography: in-depth study of a community
      • typically 2-3 years:
      • comfort,
      • seasons,
      • different individuals, aging (births, deaths, and funerals)

    • ethnology: study a particular aspect of a culture, eg drums


  • Prostitution,
  • firefighters,
  • cocktail waitresses

    Corporate Ethnography: how a business works, why it doesn't

    Office hours: Mo and We, Tu and Th not on campus (Alpharetta), Fridays odd

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From: (Anonymous) Date: January 8th, 2002 09:48 pm (UTC) (Link)

{enthusiastically raising hand}

Isn't it silly to include reservation-born Natives as a separate culture? Are they not a part of American culture as a whole? it isn't like you drive on to a reservation and you go into an isolated pocket of something else. You go onto a reservation and hang out in a casino. yes, the culture is different, but puh-lease, so is the culture of the person next door to me, and across the road from you, and so on and so forth. Its not like you go there and Mickey Mouse and McDonalds suddenly do not exist. I don't really think at this point in history its a big enough difference in reality to truly study as such. And most Native Americans speak English as thier first language anyway.

I could rant about the fallacies of even considering that as an appropriate study... but I won't. For all that you may as well study the "Retired Jew Native to New Jersey Now living in Miami"
pinkeffigy From: pinkeffigy Date: January 8th, 2002 09:52 pm (UTC) (Link)


that was me. sorry for the anonymous bit.
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