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Fallacies and New Friends, Friends and New Fallacies ..

quoth [somebody]:
> if I have you as a friend it means I am on your friends list and you > are someone I regularly journal with.

> If your on my friends list, you know me.
Could be, but I can't prove it, and I "know" quite a lot of people in various senses.. (!)

One of the most obviously non-functional things about the LJ 'friends' system is that, well, "Friendship is a two-way street."
while LJ buddylists or stalkerlists (..) start off one way and can stay that way. I just found out, because I happened to look at my own profile, that there are 4 people who I am a 'friend' of but who are not my 'friends'. Last time this happened, I had inavertently met someone interesting [nb gorgeous, check my friends page], and so I reciprocated (AFAIK I posted to her LJ to do so formally). While pondering a change in policy, I decide to first figure out who these people (nyms?) are ... and so far I've only figured out two of them ...

This is terribly bloody confusing. I have enough trouble sorting out what my relationship (level of intimacy, responsibilty for, obligation to .. )with people I've been hanging out with or working with for months and (in some cases) years might be. I can't possibly be expected to somehow conceptualize and internalize relationships to effectivily anoymous individual creations (seemingly sentient) that I haven't been introduced to (formally or otherwise, and this is not to say that I have to "meet" them, just to emphasize that there are rituals for these things) ... It is simply beyond my limited capacity for socialization ... [rambling fades out]

[Radio voice] Welcome to all of our new listeners!

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