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Welcome to the Hellmouth. I'll be your tongue this evening.

I don't know what it is about the Hellmouth inparticular, and I have often remarked upon how the whole haunted-house groupie phenomenenon baffles me. It seems that the Hellmouth position is the one that gets me the most such attentions.

I'm not going to give away the scare. It's against professional ethics in the entertainment business, and the whole point of the thing is it's surprising. So suffice it to say that I'm not there, and then quite suddenly right behind you (in front of you, next to you, under you, looming nearby..) and this startles you (as it should, even if you don't know me). You scream, the other members of your party chuckle, and the conga-line moves along. At least that is how it is supposed to work...

Weird things happen when I'm in the Hellmouth. Last season, after stalking a threesome (two girls, one guy) of teenagers around a bend, one of the girls asked if I wanted in on, well, "a threesome"!
Another girl just blantly groped me that year, in the Hellmouth, which it should be noted is not in the same place as it was last season.

So, after starting off somewhere else, I was relocated to the Hellmouth about one hour into the show last night. I put on the 3/4 mask I was handed and slipped back into the character I always play there. It's mute, and I kept my hands tucked in the costume's pockets. The first couple passed me in the new position, and the chicha was terrified. She wailed so long and loud that the lead came around to complement me on it. After that it was pretty much business as usual. I got some good screams. There were a few people who either weren't playing along (...) or just idin't enjoy it, but there always are. I also managed a couple of very nice setups, sandwiching frightened person between two monsters. The second scream is always louder and much more believable.

Then there was the girl (not unaccompanied, mind you) who asked what I was doing after work. This being the first offer of the season, I hesitated before bowing slightly and withdrawing. Some time later, a girl asked point blank: "Are you married?" This caused me to pause a beat, but I shook my head. She then immediately followed up with: "Do you want to be?" I paused again, and shoo my head again, to which she immediately replied, somewhat gleefully, "Me neither!" and finally moved on down the passage.

The best one was near the end of the night. Typically, when I do this scare, I slip behind them in line. They are usually unaware of the substitution until they are starled by something else or one of their friends calls their name and they turn. This is quite common, and usually pretty effective. This particular time, I slide in behind a young woman, and her boyfriend coaxes her into turning to see. She screams good and loud. (I rated it at a 7.5 of 10) and then turns on him as I withdraw and shouts quite clearly:

"You asshole! You're never getting laid!"


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