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Project Sputnik: Mission update T+10 days

All decks report smooth sailing so far. This ship is really fast. The Ubuntu 12 seems fine and I'm starting to get used to Unity, such that I haven't replaced it. There's a bit of a rant about how much nicer this all is that recent Apple kit that I can't argue with much over on O'Reilly Radar. Once you get used to Unity1 (or replace it with something that suits you, the OS is just out of the way and you can hack, write, read (Kindle Cloud works well on here, finished Reamde that way last night) or whatever you want.

Engineering is still working on some little glitches. Wifi is too slow to reconnect after boot and lots of us are still having a little trouble with the touchpad capturing touches and shifting focus around. All tracked on Launchpad for the interested.

Beyond the slick hardware and the Ubuntu drivers (both quite nice) the project is working on chef recipes for common development and testing environments to make it easy to get into and out of them and set up "microclouds" on the ultrabook. I'm poking at this and I'll let you know how it goes.

valentina here has so far been quite nice for my Chrome, Thunderbird, and Virtual Box needs as I study how to read packets in this year's SANS course.

ETA: Seems I need to learn some Chef first. I'll start here once I get done with my packet mangling for the day.

1: Unity has keyboard shortcuts and they are shockingly good overall. Although there are pages online that explain the Unity keyboard shortcuts and i started there I found by accident that these are in Unity: hold down Super to see the help screen!
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