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Hi y'all from Atlanta

 Hi everyone,
I have always been a tinker or tester (as my parents would no doubt agree) and favour a scientific outlook (experiments, hypothesis, proof) on most things. It may be only little surprising then that I have always been interested in and now work in information security. Which could be characterized as showing people how to break their most precious things ... to make them stronger.
I have been advancing the idea in various venues that the skills and knowledge of a good tester are key to effectiveness as a security professional (or a good hacker) and that's part of why I've been involved with BBST almost from the beginning and I'm back taking Foundations again. I'm an advocate of BBST for testers and for security people of all sorts ... if not everyone in any technical field ... and I hope to be an instructor in the future.
I can barely keep up with my own rotating hobbies though they seems to oscillate around hacking, languages, and video games. Non-fiction reading these days is either on network intrusion detection or technical review of other courses still... which is not to say there isn't a pile, or that I haven't bought new books this week. 
The last fiction I finished that didn't have pictures was the Hunger Games trilogy and in graphic novels I'm working my way through Fables and The Walking Dead. I don't get much time to play Star Wars online with all of this homework and the demands of woman and cat.
I take lousy photos with my mobile phone, often of my cooking experiments. You'll find some of those online, as well as various rambles, including my experiences in other BBST courses, starting from my site , which is run out of a DVCS because I am just that much of a nerd :D
Hajimemashite! Nice to meet y'all!
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