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Turn an LJ / community into a ebook you say?

lj to ebook

Starts with ljmigrate which is easy enough to use to backup your LJ (please do) to files. Mine happen to be on a webserver but that's not really important to the process...

it went something like this

pwd ##/Applications/ export calibre=`pwd` $calibre/web2disk -d ~/Desktop/pron $calibre/ebook-convert ~/Desktop/pron/special_index.xhtml adric_pron.epub --authors "Adric Net" --title "adric pron" --cover ~adric/pron_cover.jpg $calibre/ebook-convert ~/Desktop/eww/special_index.xhtml --authors "Adric Net" --title "adric pron" --cover ~adric/pron_cover.jpg Then you can look the mobi over with or the epub with calibre's built in reader, either with open. To put it on a device just sideload. Here's a FAQ on that: Et voila!


Needed these regexes to get the datestamps out after adding titles by year (by hand) while working on a custom index. Everything I did was scriptable (I used TextMate) and I'll try harder if this becomes a repeat task past tonight ... ran these on the index.html with Option Command R : sort -n sed -e 's,^\+ \ ,,' sed -e 's,^....-..-.. ..:..:..: ,,' Cover image should be 600x800 they say. Gimp did fine for me there and I used some of the upics from the journal to design a cover. calibre awesomeness is well documented online but was revealed to me by this, found with keyword web convert ebook: We have some a long way from Plucker and AvantGo I'm pleased to note.
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