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Cosmic Adventurers presents:


She needs a logo/mascot.
  • share network connection with unlimited number of machines
  • supports cable, DSL, and 56k modem connections
  • no arbitrary limits on IPs, connections
  • stateful packet filtering = "nothing gets in that didn't come from here first"
  • VPN tunnel endpoint
  • caching DNS server
  • access to 50+ alternate TLDs (.oss .geek .pacific ...) from the OpenDNS system
  • (basic IDS with email paging capability) (still in dev)

$450.00 US

installed on your site anywhere in Greater Metro Atlanta

Price is hovering, but 450 is believable. Geography is hazy. I almost want to say SE USA, but I think it's restricted to anywhere I can drive in less than 12 hours..Needs more thought

Online orders confirmed by phone within 24 hours

Shipping and travel can be easily arranged for out of state and international orders.

They pay, I travel, no?

Service, Support and Emergency Response Contracts available monthly, quarterly, annually for as little as $25 / month. (just service) These include scheduled maintainance and reduce the rates for support emergency calls.. Wording improved..Need rates ;)

Annual contracts include dedicated numeric pager for your site admin and your NICEbox

Contract numbers are nearly fake, probably way too low. Looking for help with that, for sure ;)

Custom configurations are welcome. Possibilities include:

  • web proxy for speed or safety (+50)
  • Intranet web server (+50..)
  • SQL Database Server (+50..)
  • Internal Email server (+100)
  • Internal File, Printer shares (+50 and up)
  • Network Authentication (PDC or K5) (+50)
  • Certificate Authority for PKI
  • Network Backup
  • Network Logging
  • can interface to faster links with additional hardware CSU/DSU

Beacon Service:

Hypothetical as yet, but very doable. Need to guess out an annual rate for this.
  • secure server colocated on multiple fast links securely polls your NICEBox at a set interval and alerts me and you if it goes down or cries for help
  • alerts include numeric page, email, IM, and alpha page
  • And could include all sort of wackiness like minor web edits, RSS, and local print jobs
  • Once i know, after an interval (5 minutes), I call you / log in.. and get it fixed
Editor note: Manually imported from on 3 Sept 2011.

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