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Is blousing a shirt the opposite of the Picard maneuver?

Work and careers stuff may be moving along after a bad patch. There's some work and plenty of hard weeks ahead before anything changes, but a glimmer of light, be it train or exit, is welcome. On the other side of that optical phenomena is a great deal more work of a different sort, an entirely new job I've never done as dedicated staff before.

I'm finishing up one self-study course this month and looking at my options for study structure for the rest of the year including certifications , languages, or things to actually learn.

Work crazy will ease slightly after one of the team gets back from vacation and I take the test mentioned above. Thus, in August I will date ... someone, somehow. Offers and tips appreciated in that effort. I'm still finding people to talk to on OkCupid but haven't quite engaged step 2 of a plan. Step two no doubt involves leaving the house to go somewhere other than the office.

And now your much awaited and highly regarded media consumption update (MCU™):
Weeds has been great fun into the the beginning of season three. I have heard foreboding and will tread cautiously into further episodes, though I hold out foolish hope. The Game of Thrones show was great and renewed my interest in the books just in time for Dance. Relatedly I will not be caught up to Dresden files for the ship date of the next book there, in no small part to the outrageous prices for the antibooks from Amazon and B&N. Spice and Wolf is fun and I made some more progress on Hikaru at some point. All hail Netflix, even with the questionable new site design. I recently stumbled over a later Kushiel book (6? Has the sun princess on the cover) on clearance and romped through it in a few days and was quite pleased with the work. The Iron Man movies are good and at least one person is trying to use this as leverage to get me to consider the other comics movies coming from the vicinity of Marvel. Who, it seems are aggressively publishing old and new comics online and doing some neat work with motion comics (again, Netflix).

So, if anyone read this far, how's the summer/winter treating you?
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