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And how was your day?

Yesterday I slept in and then made it into office after lunch to catch up on some documentation and other back-burner projects I haven't had time to poke at during the work week. I did pretty well on those and then got pulled into a urgent matter that I had to sheep hurd for the next several hours. I got home late, finished off season 2 of Veronica Mars and crashed.

Today I only slept in a little bit, had a light lunch and then headed off to Best Buy to trade monitors with them. A few slips of plastic crossed amongst us and then I brought home my new (to me) monitor, setting aside her's to go back to her office and another for mom. And I bought milk and tried out a new sandwich at Arby's.

The hours after that until five were passed lazily poking around at various hacking projects, trying out some new music, and sifting out junk from the office and study at home. Note: OpenBSD 4.8 apparently wanted to install on IDE not SCSI and installs fine in ESXi after you make that adjustment.

I had heard some chaimu and so I decided to check work mail while I was waiting of BSD install to finish. there were only two, but one was news that they has managed to screw up yesterday's urgent work and we're doing it again.

So, I'm back in the office after packing up a few bits (Girl Scout Cookies™, netbook, extra tea) and running by Arby's for more sandwiches and a shake. Another fellow is on his way in now to start the process up and then I will be responsible for watching it crawl along and calling lots of other people if it doesn't finish up in several hours. ... The only good news here is that I have a guy coming on at midnight who I can hand off to.

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