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There ought to be a post in this somewhere.

In the last two months I have been in a pool and in a lake. In the pool I waded around and practiced trying to float1 and in the lake I tried to relax on a tube and then spent awhile clinging to a ladder. This also means I have been outside in a state of undress in the vicinity of strangers and acquaintances ... the presence of family and friends not being remarkable in this case (as without it I'd not be outside/ away from home).

I have made absolutely no further progress on meeting new people, but have met some anyway. Need to resume OkCupid homework but it's difficult and not just because of the weird matches.

No noteworthy progress on exercise and I'm barely keeping weight at or under a milestone day-to-day.
Nagging thought that I'm not going to be able to do this "exercise" thing without a partner2 isn't particularly constructive. Roomie looks better every week though her diet is only slightly improved and ruminations on the 'unfairness' thereof are wastes of heat and annoying besides.

Am coming to grips with the impending move, though I do not welcome it or any of the various troubles it represents including sticky conversations about cats, closets, money, and relationships ... in approximate order of awkward unpleasantness. Oh and packing. Li9ttle fleeting hopes dance around unfinished projects and planned improvements around the house teasing with the idea that on the other side of "the move" progress might be made, we can do better next time. Which is to say that with the moving official, nothing is getting re-cabled, shifted back into place, installed, upgraded or fixed that isn't some kind of emergency.

One little test down (and one more little one to plan and schedule) with one big test coming up next Tuesday.

I'm not going to the convention, but I may make it to one of the anti-con parties.

1 NB: If you are trying to float it doesn't work. The lake was not particularly relaxing, so I may have to keep with pool for quite awhile before making any more progress there.
2 The thought is that if I could find someone to spar, hike, or take aikido (eg) with I might actually do such things sometimes, rather than struggle against computer opponents in Starcraft 23.
3 Actually yesterday I played a few hours of Overlord II quite enjoyably and haven't touched SC2 in a week.
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