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My glasses fogged slightly as I got out of the car

... due to the difference in humidity between car cabin and parking deck.

I seem to have gotten off to a good start this morning, this Monday. I didn't oversnooze and got out of the house at a reasonable minute and to work in plenty of time. Coffee soon, but first a few more words. I got 199.5 and 199 from the evil bathroom scale last night and this morning. It's a tiny thing but it was nice to see a number starting with 1 again for a change. Perhaps we got most of the moping out of the way yesterday.

Did not finish Starcraft 2 this weekend, entirely because the final mission is, of course, that most hated of scenarios: timed defense against unlimited opposition + boss. Played a game or two of Alien Swarm pleasantly enough though online play seems pointless. I did finish Saturn's Children by Charles Stross and that was a lot of fun. I do quite recommend it, as I have anything of his I have read or heard, including the short fiction piece "Overtime" of his and of course Accelerando.

Ah, yes, I remember now: coffee and breakfast. Hope you all had a pleasant and/or productive weekend.
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