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Saturday into Sunday

Yesterday didn't go particularly well. I overslept quite a bit, climbing out of bed at the crack of noon (in the olde style). I piddled around at homework and spent more time playing Dawn of War battles and chatting than making progress against annoying assignment Phase 3. Finally, after bedtime had well past I wrote up what I could for the assignment, holding back my remarks on the assignment or my classmate for the course eval. And Friday's calf cramp throbbed mildly all the while.

Today is already better. Up at the luxurious weekend hour of 8:30 I have had tea and checked email. I stretched out a bit and did 15 minutes on the fake bike. A paltry sum to be sure, but an important psychological victory to complete a short "ride" without getting a cramp or otherwise injuring myself :/ And the CSI I put on to watch while "riding" isn't too bad. Second cup of tea is steeping.

I misunderstood the course schedule of assignments in my favour. This whole week I have merely to answer and discuss sample exam questions in the forums and try to grade two other students Phase 3 writings (as well as two more videos and quizzes). The final will be next week, which is a much better scheme for me being able to finish this week before the con. It's still plenty of work but not nearly as bad as I had thought.

I think roomie and her boyfriend are here somewhere ... haven't seen them really since dinner Thursday. I'm waiting until a decent hour to go take a shower, say 11 ?
Tags: bbst, weekend

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