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Productivity? BBST madness

Well, after finally crawling out of bed at 10 I have:

* read over the final exam study guide, (terrifying)
* read over the assignment guidelines (phase 1 is due at midnight tonight latest),
* read over a dozen OOo Impress bugs, (I need to comment on one)
* installed OOo on the Dell mini 12 (might be able to reproduce a crash bug on that platform!)
* bought two three** Social Distortion albums from Amazon MP3
* grazed on crackers, crisps and jerky
* finished a cup of citrusy green and brewing a cup of PGtips now.
* made a presentation of no worth in OOo Impress to get familiar with it.

I still have to:
* pick a bug report, and then both comment usefully on it and write about the report
* make intelligent sounding remarks on answers to previous exercise (others and my own, should have been done earlier in the week)

And this is just the first week of the crazy accelerated 4 week class. WTF was I thinking trying this again while working fulltime?

** So far: Mommy's Little Monster, Social Distortion, Prison Bound
Tags: bbst, bug, madness, mp3, tea

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