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Tidbits of good news
This much good news is making me a bit paranoid..

I chatted with a nice young woman at the Probate Court, and she declared that there is no formal registration for clergy. Once I find some piece of paper that says that, I'm set.

VoiceStream just rolled out a new data service, called iStream, which is much better suited, and I confirmed that it will work with the Visorphone (ah standards: GSM !) which I'm getting soon.

I opened a bank account today, which will allow me to funnel money about more effectively for things like phones and PDAs ..
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From: nanbear Date: October 2nd, 2001 01:25 pm (UTC) (Link)


Before you perform any wedding ceremonies, which are legal and binding for insurance purposes, I'd check to see if you can legally sign that marriage certificate. Those certificates have to be filed with the clerk of courts and my understanding from Vidicon is each county in Georgia has a different rule on this.
firelegend From: firelegend Date: October 2nd, 2001 01:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
awe yeah
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